Best cities in the world to go on the Piss?



So, thought I'd start a discussion thread regarding the best cities in the world to go and spend your hard earned cash on leave! All suggestions are welcome, provided with reasons - see if we can get a good travel/piss up advise thread going?

I'll say Krakow should be right up there, as there are more Bars/Cafes/Clubs per square km in the city centre than anything else. The Poles seem to think any public space is elligible to sell alcohol, including historical monuments etc! A great place to attempt a pub crawl. It's not the cheapest though...
Valencia takes some beating. I lived there for 2 years, only slight downside is it doesn't come alive until very late.

People are friendly, and it is just far enough away from the tourist trail to avoid the "Benidorm" types!



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Singapore is a gem, in fact most big Far Eastern cities are.

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, KL, even Brunei has it's merits despite being a dry country, there is a free theme park that is always empty and the hotels tend to have a secret room that serves spirits.

Seoul was a disappointment.
Cape town, drinking Castle sat on the edge of table mountain!


Tel Aviv is up there for night life. Start at Mike's Place and move north along the beach boulevard. You can't beat sitting with your feet in the warm water at the 'Surf Club' on a pleasant evening knocking back a few extra cold ones and watching the 24 hour IDF airshow.

Bucharest has to be the best playground on earth. Dirt cheap drinks, unbelievably high first rate totty ratio, and great clubs and bars. Probably the easiest place on earth to pick up a beauty for a Englishman...
I'm in Brno right now...great place, smaller and cheaper than Prague, loads of bars, clubs, big names do concerts here, nice locals, tidy women, good food. Bratislava is just down the road..complete shitehole..avoid.
Clearwater, Florida. Booked my flights the day I de-kitted first time round.

Rammed with rich Daddy's girls, poofy new age types and a mere hint of a British accent will have your legs blown up for the duration of your stay. Spent 2 months there dossing in hostels and pretending to be in Point Break by surfing, badly, a lot. Two of us went, one came back married.
Another one for Gulf Coast of Florida, Fort Myers being my preferred watering hole.

Daytona beach for bike week is something else as well.
Theres never a boring night to be had in London. A variety of fanny, plenty of top watering holes open all hours, comfortable park benches and random statues to pass out on or under when it all goes pete tong, awsome scoff to be had at end of play if you don't score and if you get caught swamping in a public place you recieve a quite reasonable £60 on the spot fine which is far better than the flayed buttocks or prison sentence you'd recieve for the same "crime" in the likes of Sinapore or Dubai..... I never tire of a good London drinking sesh.

for more exotic drinking spots I'd suggest Hong Kong as a must and a heavy session in Pattaya has to be done at least once in a life time, although you could be in danger of bending the rules on your own sexuality whilst there.

Worse places to go on the piss in my opinion.....Paris, Rome and Prague is over rated.
I did 2 nights in Miami in Feb on my way to Belize. Twaz a bloody fantastic night with every type of tottie you could imagine, beer was cheep and everyone loved the English accent. I thought the maroon t-shirt, AB jkt and Desert boots (Altberg these days) would make chicks steer clear, on the contrary, they seemed to love the relaxed and somewhat rough and tumble ensemble compared to the usual shirt and slacks of a Brit abroad. Just watch for J walking fines, $250 per time!
As bad as it sounds, but i love Cardiff. Had some great nights out there.
Have you been abroad & exprienced what the world offers in different Bars,

My input Calgary & Philippines, and Possibly Cyprus


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Vancouver is a good night out and plenty of scraneries.
Bangkok is excellent and you can eat anywhere for next to nothing.
Amsterdam is pricey but easy to stagger around.
Tel Aviv is up there for night life. Start at Mike's Place and move north along the beach boulevard. You can't beat sitting with your feet in the warm water at the 'Surf Club' on a pleasant evening knocking back a few extra cold ones and watching the 24 hour IDF airshow.
I see that and raise you TA on White Night. As far as I can remember. Also, they tend to give you free shots of Kleiner Feigling Liqueur : Buy Online - The Whisky Exchange with every beer, which is nice.
L.A - had a month there - hung out the bag of everything including the barbers floor, becuase it had hair on it..... Loads to do eat and tottie central and I was 21 at the time...shagging like a beltfed mortar!!!!!


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I was let loose in Cardiff as I'd gone to a conference. Lovely city some really friendly bars and I stumbled into some gay bars just by chance. I found it a difficult place to pull the stuck up cunts.
Hong Kong was great before we handed it back. Bars were open pretty much 24 hrs a day and with the LOA there was never a shortage of beer tokens. Has gone down hill since the Chinese took it back over though.

Cape Town is great. My first visit to a club there amazed me. I brought a round of drinks for 5 people and got change out of a fiver. The barman looked at me as if I was crazy when I offered him one for himself. "But Sir, I am not allowed to accept that" (imagine said in that great "But're blick" accent from Lethal Weapon 2). Drinks are still pretty cheap in SA but you have to be careful of the free 'dry bumming' and 'throat slitting' special offer that you may get from the local indigenous population.
Belfast used to be good but's now gode to ratshit imho.Last time I was out there,one mate got into a punch up & somebloke tried to sell another some dope.

Roermond was good for a night out as was Monchengladbach...
Not been for years, but Frankfurt was pretty good, can't remember the area but there was a square mile of wall to wall pubs and I can't really remember much after the 5th one...
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