Best cigars around ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. I'm trying to cut down my smoking habits and am gradually converting to cigars rather than cigs..fuck the pretentiousness, better smoke and maybe better value. At the mo, I have discovered some class Dominican numbers, at 5" long and half an inch thick, rum-soaked, they are better and longer than my own cock, and only 80 Eurocents where I am currently. However I don't expect the supply to last forever...anyone got any hints, and I know googlesearch but I would prefer some tried and tested suggestions,.... where I can get hold of similar in the long term?
  2. Christophe, Romeo and Juliet.
  3. My humidor is stuffed with the best cigar that money can buy. The Cohiba Robusto.

    On the left there's a mix of cigars, consisting of some Cohiba slims, a siglo 6, a few montechristos and a hoyo de Monterrey.

    Go for the robusto if you can. They're exquisite. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't got a clue about cigars.

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  4. Yes Smudge !! Nice stuff in there indeed, you get Jealousy Factor 15 !!!!!! Thanks too Goat & Prof. Will try out the online suggestion, but am still interested in something at a sensible price for everyday hacking... just bought 100 of the Dominicans I mentioned, but that's only about 6 weeks' worth and I'll be moving from source in a couple of weeks...hopefully will find something equivalent in CZ, which is my next stop...any more suggestions well welcome...cheers!
  5. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Next time you're in London, head to the Davidoff shop opposite the Beretta gallery in St. James Street. Tell the chaps there what you like and ask them to suggest something that fits those criteria. You will not be disappointed.
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  6. Roughly what would a good cigar cost in the UK, say one of Smudge's Robustos? Do you ever have problems with their being quite dry and brittle?
  7. Arturo Fuente 'Curlyheads' delightful smoke that takes about an hour to finish
  8. A tip for travellers to the US. Try make a note of finding out the nearest cigar bar (not a euphemism!) in the town you're visiting. Even though smoking is banned in almost all bars there is usually a cigar bar in each major city where you can enjoy a beer/spirit and smoke a cigar indoors. They are usually horribly expensive, and the lack of Cubans makes the selection a bit rough, but well worth seeking out if you are on a visit :)
  9. Yep got them but also the limited edition Black label ones,. Got them duty free in Syria ;-) . In fact looking at your collection, looks like you pinched my collection.

    Also like the big fat Churchil. Quite smooth but a bugger to buy in Munich. The Monti's are pretty good.
  10. don't know what the best cigar is and I suspect it would cost a hell of a lot of money to find out. i have cohibas, montes and romeo's in my humidor but i love cheap american cigars, you can even get them (or used to be able) in old 20 paper packets, particularly the bourbon flavoured ones they were great for smoking in the pub. However you did have to wipe the tar off your teeth at regular intervals. My sis in law no longer lives in Texas so i have to rely on friends in the UK to provide me with quality cigars (some place in Windsor) but that is the trouble i can't get the cheap stuff, so i buy those Backwood Cheroots when ever i get to Sydney ( some little place down an arcade) but then you can't smoke in Pubs anymore so i tend enjoy my smoking in the summer in the garden!
  11. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    the problem with Cuban cigars is the quality control, quite a few of the expert time served cigar makers have gone to the USA to work. So peculiarly enough "cuban" cigars from the USA tend to be a better quality than the Kosha Cuban ones . That is not to say that the top end Cohibas etc are bad just a bit erratic.
    Davidoffs in St James is the Ideal place for help in buying a good smoke. The use to run Cigar nights for private clubs etc but perhaps the smoking ban has stopped this . I will ask around and see what comes up.
  12. Got 10 boxes of black market monticristo's when on holiday in Cuba in 2001, paid $50 for the lot and sold them to a reputable tabaconist over here for £50 a box of 10. If i'd known i'd get that much for them i'd have brought a suit case full back.
    Always found romeo and juliets a smooth smoke with a glass of rye or a aged brandy.

    How poncey do i sound.