Best chillout tracks of all time

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by brettarider, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    So whats your best chill out track?

    Got to be Groove Armada at the river for me
  2. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    Oh and this is good also
  3. Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys - link to video

    Melt - Leftfield

    So Easy - Royksopp - link

    I Feel Love - Donner Summer remix by Sister Bliss *IIRC* - link

    edited to add links
  4. Nice calle on Groove Armada. It's on my iPod playlist for monging at the beach.

    All I need- Air
    World Looking In- Morcheeba
    Daydream in Blue- I Monster
    Destiny & In The Waiting Line- Zero 7
    Addictive- Faithless
    Star Catching Girl- Brother Brown and Frank'ee

    Dock of the Bay- Otis Redding
    Tracks of My Tears- Smokey Robinson

    (I would say Teardrop by Massive Attack, but I just want to shag when I hear that.)
  5. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    Zero 7 some good tracks from them forgot about that!

    Orbital Belfast
  6. Seconded.
  7. Unfinished Sympathy- Massive Attack
    Barbers Adagio for strings
    Theme from Gladiator
  8. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

  9. That's my favorite song for strolling down the streets of London, pretending I'm in a video.

    BT, Satellite
    Chemical Brothers, Private Psychedelic Reel
    Anything by the Delfonics!
  10. Ulrich Schnauss with Monday-Paracetemol although most of his appears good so far.

    Can't go wrong with most Underworld, Orbital - Funny Break, or Massive Attack (Tear Drop is a classic) though.

    I know an ex Int Corp gent who'll swear by Organ music being the way forward.
    Edited to add names of songs I'd forgotten.
  11. brettarider

    brettarider On ROPs

    BT flamming june
    Track got it's name from taxi driver talking to fella about the rain in June
  12. Elegia - New order

    Lover You Should Have Come Over - Jeff Buckley
  13. Morcheeba's By the Sea is an old favourite. I'll ditto Crab's Zero 7 and Massive Attack picks and add the Michael Woods mixes of Cafe Del Mar and Silence

    oh and Sneaker Pimps' 6 Underground
  14. Moments in love extended remix ambient - Art of Noise.

    Robinson Crusoe - Art of Noise, used to be a favourite on late night BFBS too

    Walk like a Panther - The all seeing Eye.

    Good call on Sneaker Pimps DPM , how can they make such a great song out a Goldfinger sample?

    Oh, and Velvet Divorce of course , the business.
  15. Who knows where the time goes - Fairport Convention.

    Beautiful voice from a bygone era, can't remember where I came across it as it's before my time but nice tune to close your eyes and sup a nice cold beer.