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Best chemical drain cleaner ?


Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine has always worked well for me!
Forget the chemicals.

First thing to do is lift the manhole covers, to check if it's a serious blockage, by either finding a full manhole, or where the toilet is feeding into the system.

Flush the toilet, if you get a good flush, it's further downstream, if it's weak, there's a blockage in the branch feeding into the manhole.

The branch is angled in the direction of the flow, so if you can find another manhole, and it isn't blocked, that's where the problem is.

Stick a brick in the clear pipe, then rod towards it....... get the wife a pair of marigolds to fish out the wet wipes etc that caused the blockage.

Yeah, but civvy's (non-plumbist's) don't generally like the prospect of rodding...........TBH neither do I, but I would invariably get a phone call at 15.00hrst on a saturday, or sunday to invariably either replace a broken toilet float valve/flush mechanism (80 quid), or rod a blocked drain (150+ quid, depending). Those prices were 10 years ago, so they will have gone up by now, added to which I was doing it in the Leics/Northants villages and to keep the regular business you didn't take the piss.


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On a serious note, if the drain is blocking repeatedly then there is a problem somewhere which needs a proper job doing. Most commonly a cracked or displaced pipe, tree root growing into the pipe or a lump of brick rubble wedged somewhere.

If this is happening then it's worth getting a camera down to see what and where the problem is.

I had said problem with an alleged builder who sent a couple of moron subbies to lay a new floor in our kitchen and downstairs toilet. Toilet kept blocking and flow was not good. Eventually I removed the pan after flushing with copious amounts of hot water and bleach to find a load of broken tiles in the base of the drain - which hadn't been there before the builders.

Said "builder" got a very terse phone call and informed that he wouldn't be doing any work around our village in the future.

"Must have been an accident ... just a few little pieces ... was it a problem? Etc etc".

Fcuk off, the bits were in easy reach and your clowns couldn't have missed them when they put the pan back in.

Made sure that all the neighbours knew plus all our friends round the area.


I'd forgotten about Doomwatch!

Is it the genesis of Woke do you think...?