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Discussion in 'Officers' started by paintrain, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. i was discussing with my associate in the Raf what is the best career as a chat up line when you are talking to a lady?he reckons there are only 4 better than being a fighter pilot. i told him he was a girl and to scared to actually do any fighting in case he ruined his hair. so apart from the obvious of professional sportsman movie star,rock star etc. what else is beter than being a nancy fly boy?
  2. The acknowledged four "best" cover stories are:
    b)stunt man
    c)vet at a hospital for small, cuddly animals
    d)homosexual who is wrestling with his "perversion" and looking for a good reason to come over to the home team!
  3. Test Pilot for Airfix.
  4. I had a few successes with CURB SHARPENER. You convince the poor unsuspecting nimphs that the EU in their wisdom have put a safety directive on the angle of curb stones. It is therefore cheaper to employ the curb sharpeners than replace with new. Initially of course you trained as a stone mason having worked on some classic buildings (dropping names of buildings the girl has heard of helps here - pitch your examples carefully) but now there is more money in curbs.

    It has worked on more than one occasion whilst on rugby tours. But then nothing beats the collective job title of motorbike display team 'THE PURPLE HELMETS'.
  5. After Pint #25 it has nothing to do with what you say, as long as you can make a coherent sentence. Anyway, Tours tend to be in the kind of places where its slapper heaven, purely so you don't have to resort to such tactics, such as Swansea, Bournemouth, Bournemouth and Bournemouth. :D
  6. Just booked my next holiday for sunny Bournemouth :)
  7. Octupus Fighter on an Oil Rig.
  8. Underwear sales rep - then having a good stare at the chebbage will be professional courtesy.
  9. benefit fraudster
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Underwater Fireman (on the Rigs) -but a bit of an old chestnut

    PS Rab:
    Errm Arrse Rugby match location ?? :)
  11. Dolphin trainer attached to sea world worked well one night.
    You are obviously a vet - but are specialising in mammalian sea life.
  12. I found that 'Seal Clubber' was a particularly good opener to some interesting and fruitful discussions........"I especially favour the 5 iron for the smaller seals....!"

    Okay then. Maybe not. :(
  14. Paratrooper in 49 :D

  15. Why not? Works for 'Pte' Golden balls