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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by GMan187, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Hey all... I've been thinking about the armed forces for quite a while now, I nearly joined the RAF last year but decided to carry on with college.

    I'm thinking of joining the Army, but I'm worried about my future, does anyone know the best army career to choose (soldier) which would benefit a lot in the civilian world when leaving the Army?

    I want to be apart of the action in combat ways, but not completely, because I know there ain't too many civilan qualities for that, no disrespect to anyone though.

    Or am I asking a bit much?

    Thanks guys! :)
  2. you could try anything signals based or engineers or REME. All will give you a good career in the forces and a good base out of the forces depending on how much time you stay in the services.
  3. If you want to have a combat role then go for it mate.

    You shouldn't let your worries about after the Army hold you back.

    I'm in Sixth Form at the moment. I got six A's, three B's and a C at GCSE last year, but I came to the decision that I was going to quit and join the Army.

    I applied to join the infantry as a soldier, but unfortunately got rejected a couple of weeks ago on medical terms.

    My point is, if a soldier combat role is what you want to do, which it obviously is or you wouldn't have mentioned it, then go down the combat route and don't look back. Everyone (including my dad who is an ex-REME soldier) was telling me to join as an officer, or to get a trade if I decided to join as a soldier, but neither of them was what I wanted to do, so I applied for infantry soldier.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.
  4. What did you do at college?
  5. ;

    Can I refer you to this link, in which I gave a picture about what RLC Communication Specialists do.

    Not only do you get all BOWMAN quals (signal qualifications), you'll get all driving quals and lots of other gucci stuff along the way.

    Before others start saying "But Loggies aren't combat", as a Comms Spec, we reguarly have United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) ask around for versatile Communicators, we also have a Logistics Air Assault Regiment (13AA) and have a Commando Logistic Regt, who both cut it fine during contacts.
  6. No they don't! They drive wagons full of kit to where its needed like any other trog regiment.
  7. You're talking about the regiments and not Comms Specs, and so will I: So our Ammo Techs, you know, the ones who specialise in Bomb Disposal, don't cut it fine whilst diffusing an IED and under fire so the Infantry can push on?
  8. Apparently the Cdo Logistics Regt are having fairly regular contacts on ops at the moment, and handling them quite well. Just a rumour I heard, and if you've got access to back issues of Navy News you'll find an article about them in there.
  9. Eh? You suggested that 13AA and Cdo Log are running around the place getting in loads of contacts. I am saying they do the same job on Herrick as any other RLC Regt doing the same job, i.e CLPs ISGs and Log Nodes. Are you saying they do something differently?

    Where in my post did I say the RLC don't get out on the ground?
  10. if you havnt done the pathfinder job selector then do that dont listen to anyone that says do this its ur future some like combat some dont do ur research mate best of luck
  11. I expect they are. Just like the Log regt before them and the one before that.
  12. I never stated that either Regt were getting LOADS of contacts, of course they're getting contacted, and when they do reports of their response is good. This was to illustrate that Loggies do get involved in the good stuff as well.

    Slightly different, in that the Cdo Log boys have (or at least should have) passed all arms Commando course and are attached to 3 Commando Brigade, who get involved in alot more action then most Log Regts. Same goes for 13 Air Assault and their affiliation to 16 AA Brigade.

    I think we're deviating away from the original thread too much, let's just hope the young lad takes from this that you don't need to join the Infantry to get involved in Combat, Engineers and Artillery also do a sterling job and get their hands dirty too.
  13. Sigs are great to join especially if you join as a tech or whatever they are this week (and im an operator btw, lots of fun : ) ). you get fast promotion and some really good civvy IT quals that you can fall back on and get a 35k a year job no probs. Operators get more fun than other trades though but the civvy quals are not going to be as good unless you pass 18 sigs (UKSF - SAS) course or another specialist role. We also have airborne and commando guys. (PS - UKSF - Signals capbadge ;) )
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. :)

    I really enjoy the combat part of the Army and stuff, but I want to secure a good future, not trying to be too picky but just that time in my life where I need to make major decisions, I'm sure you've all been there.

    I have the equivalent of 2 A Levels, NCFE in Uniformed Services Level 3... not sure if the Army would accept this as an A Level though.

    I'm sure if I keep researching I'll finally find the right job for me.

    (Hope my girlfriend don't mind me joining the Army lol).
  15. Remember that in the infantry you can specialise (sp?) in a "trade" a couple of years after being a rifleman. You can specialise in signals... combat engineer.. there's a whole range. Worth having a look.