Best Career Choice In Artillery

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cannon fodder, Feb 3, 2005.

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  1. What is the best career in Artillery.. may sound an odd question, but I want to see what is best...Which units use the 105mm guns, I like the sound of working with these.. anyone willing to share life working with a 105mm gun... thanks.
  2. Sod working on the guns!!

    Be a Forward Observer!

    Except with Saxon. They're utter rubbish.

    If you're serious, PM me and I'll send loads of promotional stuff via snail mail! :D
  3. The CP is normally the best place to be in my experience...but then in 12 years, that is my ONLY experience. Guns & OP's.....Brrrrrrr.....Wet. CP?...mmmmmm....toasty.

    105's? Great bit of kit, especially since being upgraded. It also opens all sorts of additional opportunities to you, being air-portable. 29 (Cdo) RA or 7 (Para) RHA are the ones you seek. But they do require you to run around with a green handbag alot.
  5. Tent? try centrally heated box-body RB44..... :lol:

    with 24v kettle and microwave oven (i kid you not)!
  6. Concert party. "Get fell in Mr Lah-de-dah gunner Graham!"

    (Apologies, 70's comedy flashback)
  7. Cannonfodder

    OK, first off I would like to burst your bubble. Just because it says “you can do this” doesn’t mean they will let you do it, when I attended depot we had 3 career paths, Guns, Sigs and “Tech”, if you did guns you learnt the 105 lt gun, which was nice if you actually joined a regt with it (although in those days there was Abbot), if you chose sigs then you might, stress might, do a signals course, but as there was only space for about 30 from the intake there was little chance you got through. Lastly if you chose “Tech” then you would probably be learning to drive, yep real technical that was. I would like to stress that its changed a lot now but the theory remains the same, you might want to do something but you will only do what THEY want you to do. When I joined up I actually wanted to join the Parachute regt, the ACIO spent time and effort in talking me out of this, why ? Because they had quotas to fill and more than enough volunteers for the paras, they advised me to join 7 RHA. So I popped along to do that and the DS at Woolwich spent a long time talking me out of that as well for the same reason, one of our SAA instructors asked us if any from our troop wanted to go cdo or para, he had less than half the troop in front of him and half of us stuck our hands up. At the end of training only 2 people from our troop went, 1 to 7th and 1 to 29 (both passed BTW) Point is they made an effort to actually stop us going there due to manning across the RA. My point in this rant mate is if you want to do something, stick to your guns (no pun intended) and do it. Also, I notice from the post on 7th that you put, that that is something that you are interested in, again don’t believe the hype that “its better to go to your unit and get promoted first” balls to that, just insist on going, I have seen far to many applications “get lost” in the Bty office.

    Anyway back to your original question, jobs to do, I am lucky in the fact I have worked in many types of unit and can give you quite a broad brush of examples


    First off lets look at the weapon Bty’s


    Light or AS90, light is a laugh but f**king hard work, at the mo you will need to join either 7 Para or 29 Cdo to do that however I understand a filed regt is going to be re-roled back to light as there is a recognised need for air-portable arty. AS90 is a good crack as well and still hard graft. No matter which you chose you will find the following, a good laugh, good blokes and good promotion chances, best in the RA.

    Air Defence

    The great thing about AD is you actually get to see the enemy before you blow it up, the bad thing is there is hardly a need for it as the US seems to destroy all airforces before anyone deploys. You have Rapier and HVM, can’t give you the pros and cons as the only lot I worked with is 21 Bty which is hand held HVM for 16 Air Assault Bde, quality bunch of blokes, so maybe my opinion of cloud punchers is errr cloudy.


    I know a shiiiiteload about this weapon, great if you get in a launcher however they are crews of 3 so places might be limited. If not get used to driving DROPS trucks, oh and I hope you like the grim north.

    There are also 2 non-weapon Regts that work in the wonderful world of ISTAR, now I know quite a bit about the weapon units, but I know a hell of a lot more about this field being someone who has worked in every section of it

    Phoenix UAV is flying planes, however I believe this is moving to Watchkeeper soon, essentially the same idea, interesting but not the greenist job on the market, there are loads of positions which are very specialised.

    SoundRanging, microphones that locate enemy arty, this is where I started out and I even worked with HALO, or is that called ASP now ? Doesn’t matter its still the same role, it’s a good job as you get to operate in small groups, I loved it.

    Radar, dirty great dishes that will sterilize you if you are not careful, again you get to work in small teams and left to your own devices

    Special Observer, yep did that as well, this is the greenist of green of jobs, only attempt if seriously dedicated to it, PM me if you want to know more about that.

    General jobs

    As well as driving there are lots of others

    Signals, this is needed everywhere, normally most have sigs as a second trade, me it was a first.

    Command Post Assistant, shiny arse yes but working in a good CP det can be rewarding, one of the most enjoyable jobs I had was when I got my first det.

    Arty Int Operator, for saddo brainics like, err me, works with CP but I used my skills in the OP

    Observation Post Assistant, many consider this the best job and I have to agree, returned to this role many times over my life in one form or another, green and freedom.

    I am sure there are many others out there or some of this has changed since I have left but the gist is still the same. The RA has a wide range of possibilities for you.

    I’ll just take my recruiting hat off now
  8. I didn't realise that the Royal Artillery had a political agenda.
    Wind your neck in and take your views to another site. one which i suspect you have just came from. You my friend are a tw@t
  9. Wellyhead,

    You forgot "Stable Hand, Kings Troop" :lol: :lol:

    Didn't you get to do try that as well?


    (awaiting incoming)
  10. Wellyhead...don't take your recruiting head off mate! I could do with you in my Bty!!! :lol:

    If you fancy being a part-timer that is! Anyhow...good summary..will cut and paste it into my recruiting literature ....cheers.
  11. You've obviously been out for a while I suggest you check out the here and now of the Regt. Half the Trades you named are now gone, and for someone who worked in all sections of STA you don't say much but then you were a Soundbanger!
    Oh and what about surveyors?
  12. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Just a word of warning to one poster in this thread.

    RollsRoyceKid i openly tell you that i intend to delete any post that you place within my forum, your views are your own and you are entitled to them, however they are offensive and are causing waves within the ranks of the arrse gunner fraternity.

    You have been warned there will not be another. Also do not try to post within another forum i am as we say in the gunners... Ubique!