Best car in the world???

Just seen the new Skoda advert.

A car made of cake - can it get any better than that?? :D
I've seen the ad and yeah, the cars great but not the best. I think you'll find the best car in the world was designed by one Homer J Simpson



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I quite like the idea of a roller made from poontang.
Legion_n_aire said:
a Cadillac made of cake?
Errr. coat got it yet?Caddy, whatever.

Whas gonna start a thread about this myself, singing (The advert's) its praise's ect.

£300.000 for a cake car.....I'll stick to me Vauxhall.

Edited as there was no need to involve a goat (coat); bad spelling.
£300,000? Really? Still, it's a lot of cake. :pig:

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