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Does anyone in the 'culinary know' - know if Turkey and Prawns mashed together would be any good in a burger? if so, what would be the best ingredients to help this unusual burger along :?
Dunno about turkey, but pork and prawns go together quite well.
Was gonna mention the obvious, then decided not to ;)

I like the idea of some mustard in them, will give that a go!
My recipy's basically the same as Jarrod's but I use Horseradish instead of the mustard.What is nice is stuffing the center with a good strong cheese,Stilton works well,or a slice of good Black Pudding.
Venison burgers standard burger mix using venison also add some finely chopped streaky bacon to mixture.Serve with caramelized plum wedges and melted stilton.
As for the turkey and prawn should work spring onion instead of white onion add a dollop of mayo instead of mustard will help to keep it moist .Mince leg meat would be better as both meats are lean avoid over cooking.
There used to be a Polish butcher's shop near where I worked - Joseph Paeckert's - and he produced fabolous burgers... but my favourite was a "double burger", where he made two standard burgers, and concealed a generous slice of processed cheese between them. (Processed cheese, when cooked, produces a far better result than plain Cheddar). You just grilled or fried the burgers in the usual way... and the result was something like an old fashioned doughnut - but instead of jam in the middle, you got melted cheese. The cheese also helped the burger to stay moist.
Ilene's Cafe, AAColl Harrogate 92/93, yes they came out of a tin, but they were the bollocks, especially when the psychotic WG RSM was pissed on the square on a sat'day morning and fancied a bacon butty, so we all got to take a break for a burger. Ilene didn't take no shit
A tip if you're making burgers and/or sausages that tend to fall apart. If you get some soya protein from a butcher's supply place, 1% added to the mix absorbs 5x its own weight in water, is tasteless and odourless, and helps hold the burger together.
Try adding chorizo to a homemade burger.
Use the burger mix from these folks... Freddy Hirsch Ingredients Burgers

Add chopped onion, chili and tomato to the mix and then grill as one would any other burger. Stick it on a large toasted roll with cheese, tomato, mushroom and chorico sauce, bacon and lettuce. Being a fat greedy f***, one uses a French loaf sliced lengthways which can hold around six big 300g patties. Good for day hikes as it'll last you the entire day for two people.


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I prefer to go to Burger King myself....they are pre-made so no ******* about.
double whopper, no tomatoes, extra pickles and onions and a large onion rings...sorted.
So you don't mind glowing in the dark and the permanent orange afro then...?
Try the fresh 100% beef ones from LIDL,Mega,and don't cost an arm and a leg,they really are great.
ok here's mine.
1 1/2lb of minced beef
1 medium onion finely chopped
2 mushrooms finely chopped (optional)
1 egg
dash worcestershire sauce
two teaspoons of colmans mustard
salt and pepper
grated cheese (optional)
mix together make into burger shapes refridgerate and cook.
I appreciate the post is 18 months old but I know Jarrod is still stalking these hallowed ARRSE grounds. :) I'll be giving these babies a go today. How many patties will the above make, Jarrod?
Wagyu beef decked with white truffles, onion tempura prepared in Cristal champagne and some of Spain’s finest Pata Negra ham presented in an Iranian saffron and truffle bun.

From Burger King.
I appreciate the post is 18 months old but I know Jarrod is still stalking these hallowed ARRSE grounds. :) I'll be giving these babies a go today. How many patties will the above make, Jarrod?
Not much good at maths, are you? (Hint: 1 1/2lbs of beef.)

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