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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Soldier_Why, Jul 31, 2004.

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  1. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    At long last the firm have manaqed to post me to an area in the UK where I can actually get broadband!

    So, before I go and do something stupid like ordering AOL broadband how about some of you telling me about a better alternative? What do the good people of ARRSE use? How much does it cost? That kind of thing.

  2. I can wholeheartedly recommend Plus.Net

    I switched to them from BT a few months ago & I have to say that they are incredible.

    They have a great customer service system, you can see on-line the number of people waiting in the phone queue & also live webcams of the support offices.

    Choose your own pricing package here.

    Also, if you say I recommended you, I'll get £1 a month off my bill.



    P.S. Completely agree about AOHELL, they are indeed the spawn of Satan.
    The above represents not only my personal opinion, but also that of my employer & anyone else on the planet with at least half a brain.
  3. Prodigy Networks are suppose to be okay. I use BT Yahoo 1mb, for all my 'research' needs.
  4. Def recommend Telewest Blueyonder.

    I started off with the 0.5 Meg, upgraded on an offer to 1 meg, was then offered a free upgrade to 2 meg which I took, which they then upgraded across the board to 3 meg for free. I am still only paying 4 quid a month more for the 3 meg than I was for the 0.5 meg. Very very rare that it is down, no download limits and I can download porn at an absolutely phenomenal rate :D

    I can have every PC in the house simultaneously connected (x4) with no real noticeable loss of speed. Awesome.
  5. NTL cable, not real problems. Somewhat **** at the tech support side of things and billing can be erratic but nothing to really whing about 600kbps connection at £24.99 pm

    Zen internet does ADSL at fairly good packages. More specialist. Only ADSL provider to give a Static IP (useful for linking to external systems for administration). As far as I know.
  6. I'll echo the recommendation for - I set up broadband for the office. Their customer service is excellent, and tech support is both easy to contact and helpful.
  7. Have to admit, that If I was in a cable enabled area, I'd go with that rather than ADSL.....

    Aunty, sounds like you've got a fcuking good deal, & I'm not jealous in the slightest.


  8. Indeed, I think I was lucky by jumping on the bandwagon of Telewest Blueyonder as one of the first broadband customers, but fair play to them for looking after their existing clients.

    I can honestly say that it blows ADSL into the water (I have ADSL at work), networking is a piece of p1ss (have 1 laptop, 3 desktops and an AppleMac laptop on the network) which was talked through by Telewest (even though they don't officially support networking) and they don't do what a few of the high speed providers do which is interrogate your system to see if you have multiple connections and then close your connection down if you do (they used to at the start, packed it in when they realised that Norton et al would bounce the interrogation). The customer support, whilst slow to answer, has always been adequate. I also believe that they are the only mass service provider that currently does a 3 meg connection.

    I don't work for em and have nothing to do with them, neither will I get a bung for signing you up, I just think that it is a really good fcuking service and deserves the praise.
  9. WOW 3 Mb throughput...and at what cost? I get 10 Mb 5 mail accts...10 Mb website and all for $25.00

    Some times it pays to be a colonial :D
  10. I use Wanadoo. The 0.5Mb package is £18 a month and is a decent enough package.

    The thing to look out for is not so much the speed but the download limits. Most providers will limit the amount of data you can download in your inclusive package. In my case it's about 1Gb a month, which is actually a hell of a lot of data if all you are doing is surfing the net and using it for email. That will get you about 20 emails a day and 8 hours surfing for a month. If you are using your connection for business then you will need a higher allowance because once you have gone up to your limit you either stop using it until the following month or you pay extra by the Mb.

    The nearest equivalent package to Wanadoo offered by BY was £2 more expensive and at the time I signed up, you didn't get the modem thrown in and the data limits were lower. It only became worthwhile when you signed up to the BT 1Mb service which was about £30 a month. I don't know how BT can stay in business charging what they do for a service that is no better than anyone else.
  11. If only there was electricity in your Dudley dwelling :D
  12. I pay 24 quid the the BT package at 512kbps. The modem and connection were thrown in, and the download limit is 15GB per month. More expensive than some, but you pay a premium over time for having the modem and connection thrown in and the larger download bandwidth. Havent had any probs with it at all, and the higher bandwidth keeps a steady supply of Milf Hunter arriving :wink:

  13. I actually used to work for BTYahoo Broadband and have actually signed up it myself on the 1MB package at 29.99 per month with free modem and free activation.

    Have to say its NEVER let me down.

    When something has gone wrong its been sorted ASAP and with little hassle. Though in fairness I usually just speak to my former workmates in order to make sure its done rather than call the 0845 support number.

    Don't want to worry you but there are a lot of former RAF and Navy Sigs types working there but who REALLY know their stuff. :twisted: But most of them work on the Business tech support side.
  14. Don't use Tiscali they're absolute pump!
    I've got a business account and the cnuts managed to lose one of my POP3 email addresses, bugger my billing monthly (and blame it on me), their Tech Support helpline connects you to some colonial wallah with broken english at some ludicrous charge per minute and only read back the advice on the website verbatum.

    My buckshee dial-up account on the other hand suffered from the same problems and had a two hour connection timer to boot.

    Toss toss toss.

    Moving to BT Business was the best move I've ever made, bloody Tiscali kraut munching box head arrse.

    (Me bitter..... never!)
  15. I can wholeheartedly recommend Zen Internet used them for dial up and they were great only changed to BT because didn't offer a calls inclusive package.

    Recently switched back to them for my Broadband (0.5Meg but they do offer 1Meg) never down and past experience of customer service has been nothing but positive, Not the cheapest available but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.