Best Brit Army Music

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Hobgoblingobbler, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. OK, we've just had films again, how about best military related music?

    I'll start the bidding with Kate Bush - Army Dreamers
  2. Does the word "Army" have to be in the song title ?

    If not, Queen: We will rock you !

    If yes, Elvis Costello: Olivers Army
  3. As much as i like Katies music(amongst other things)That song just makes my liver fizz. :x
  4. Status Quo - In The Army Now

    The entire of A Matter of Life and Death by Iron Maiden.

    Die With Your Boots On, by Iron Maiden.

    Over the Hills and Far Away.

    A lot of other Iron Maiden.
  5. Nobody's Child.
  6. Iron Maiden - The Trooper

    I'll donate my £10 winners prize to chariddddy
  7. Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms. Forgot that, somehow.
  8. to be fair iron maiden have done loads of music in relation to they army and in more recent years their dance ot death album had loads on there
  9. If its 'the best music associated with the British Army', British Grenadier, if its 'best song with war-themed lyrics' then either War Ensemble by Slayer, Peace Sells by Megadeth or The Rooster by Alice in Chains!
  10. Oooh, and 'Behind the crooked cross' by Slayer as well...controversial...
  11. Begone, Dull Care
  12. my mum and dada had that song as their first dance when they got married never really understood why until recently
  13. Were they both men?
  14. no but my dads side of the family have always been in the army and my uncle was away at the time of the wedding and as a close family my dad told my mum they were having that as thier song weather she liked it or not lol never mind it was also played at my grandads funeral
  15. :D