Best Breakfast in or outside a wagon on Exercise.

For me I have very nostalgic memories of two pieces of bread (naturaly with the operators oily fingerprints all over it) with those still wonderfull compo sausages dripping in baked beans from the 4 man pack (I was always told they were Heinz, not sure though but the thick sauce was wonderfull) with an egg banjo to follow washed down with a 33cl bottle of Hamburgs finest Shulty. Now come on, on a sunny Soltau morning beat that for a welcome to the day treat?
thinly sliced bacon grill fried in omd 13..with brown sauce..
and a can of tennents, with the girly piccy on the side..also on soltau..
After a few back to back CV12s when I was FRG 12 in Batus in 1993 we made a bit of a detour and found ourselves at Gate 15 in our Warrior. Coincidencially our QMAN turned up at the same place with some cold pizzas and a slab of Blue (wasnt motorola admin channel good).

one moning a few years back at barry buddon. The arty lads were freezing there arrses off eating boil in the bag (about minus 10 with the windchill) and we were in the back of our waggon scoffing down a full fry up watchin tv. That was 'till a thick t**t of a gnr got his rb 44 bogged in and we had till pull him out of the smelly
I remember being sat on the turret of a very 'dead' wagan - no BV as dawn broke, thinking fcuk I'm hungry.....

Tin opener out, both ends off a can of bacon grill, clasp knife open, pushing the beast out one end, while cutting it off at the other and eating raw and contemplating the fluff in my belly button with only a yellow handbag for company and the rising sun!

Now that was soldiering!
Bugger, now i think of it, wasnt't Shulty a Berlin brew? Help welcomed. I do however remember that of all the ale drunk in my time this was perhaps the finest but without doubt the most i have brought up. In my old age I have improved but from the age of 17 and a half to 19 i was still learning in a Fally Sqn bar, (87 - 90). Fkin loved it!!!
96/97 somewhere in Germany, early o clock on top of a Sultan, I think near the Weser, a cup of black coffee with a large amount of Grouse to help it on its way, truyly the BV is a gift from the Gods.
two-four-albert said:
The_IRON said:
After a few back to back CV12s when I was FRG 12 in Batus in 1993 .

Nig :lol:
Me and M_T were probably fixing one of your fcuk up tasks :D , come to think of it wasnt you on the wheeled FRT :twisted: Cant remember if you were trusted on a Warrior :wink:
1970s, REME 434 with a canvas cover over the pack deck to protect the beds we'd rigged inside, 2-burner camping gas cooker with a couple of frying pans doing a 'full english breakfast'. Cue yellow handbag......
:D :D :D
The_IRON said:
two-four-albert said:
The_IRON said:
After a few back to back CV12s when I was FRG 12 in Batus in 1993 .

Nig :lol:
Me and M_T were probably fixing one of your fcuk up tasks :D , come to think of it wasnt you on the wheeled FRT :twisted: Cant remember if you were trusted on a Warrior :wink:
Ha, in your dreams(I never did and still don't do Boomerangs)! But back on topic I think my most memorable was with 4 RTR up at Hohne, after an emotional night with a TN12 and H30 (someone may have to explain this to The Iron type chap) on the same wagon, the driver pulled out all the stops with eggy bread, full fry up, special coffee the lot. Bless him :lol:


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Not my best but my most memorable. Must have been FTX season in BAOR in 1979. 15/19H had done our own 3 Armd Div FTX in October, then into November we were co-opted to play Orange Forces on 1 Armd Div FTX.

First week was cold. Come the weekend, Command Troop was located in a very salubrious barn. We didn't go out on the wazz on the Sunday night cos we knew the advance was due to start at 0300 on Monday. Aroused, only to discover that a couple of feet of snow had fallen in the few hours we'd been asleep.

PUFO and off into the ulu. For the next six hours Zero Bravo was running the Battlegroup Command Net. Alpha were off skiving somewhere. For six hours, two of us sat back to back in the Saracen ACV driver and commander seats while the orificers waffled on the BG net and the Divisional Command Net. Insert a card three sheets down, write non-stop until the page was full, file each copy and continue to log. Lugsy had it easy logging the Div net.

At 0900 Zero Alpha bothered to put in an appearance. They assumed control and I made to climb out the back of Bravo, right hand worn out from pressing biro through three sheets of carbon paper.

At this point the RSM swanned in and parked his arrse next to the RSO and started to chat. "Trooper Alien, cup of coffee for the RSO. And one for me. And one for Trooper HESH (Bravo's driver) while you're at it." I think he was taken aback by the thousand yard stare he got in reply but I barged past and set up the burner. I walked back to the back of Bravo, looked the RSM in the eye and said, "I need three mugs."

Jokingly he waved around him at the crowd sat around him, saying, "Here, take your pick." He got the thousand yard stare again and quickly turned to HESH, "Well get him some mugs then!"

I took the coffee to them. The RSO (blond, younger than me and didn't show stubble), looked at my face and said, "I'll have my breakfast now Trooper Alien. And ... have you shaved this morning?"

I stomped off, stuck my hand into the first four man Compo box I came to and pulled out ... Chicken Extreme! That'll do.

While the rice was cooking, I slipped me arms out of me baggy green skin and tied it round my waist, then shaved in icy water. I really had better things to do than heat up water to shave. While I was shaving, I remembered the dead piglet I'd noticed as we set up in the new location, now almost covered by the snow and a cunning plan came to me ...

But I bottled. RSO never had a clue how close he came to died-of-unknown-natural-causes piglet extreme for breakfast that day.

Moral of the story, never mess with the person preparing your meal.
A mate who'd been sent to the Med centre in Bde HQ soltau having been injured and needed some stiches early in the morning, on his way out passing the cookhouse with nobody there he promptly went in and raid half the sausages and bacon from the hotplate shoved into a placcy bag.
Re-heated over a burner and egg banjos for all the ARV crew in January was the best food ever tasted.
PS would have shared it with the rest of the section but the tiff was a throbber and probably would have grassed us or made us take it back.
wayner1970 said:
Bugger, now i think of it, wasnt't Shulty a Berlin brew? Help welcomed. quote]

You're right, Schultheiss is a Berlin brew and was bloody lovely - a close second to Dusseldorfer Alt. Best ever schemey breakfast? A stumpy Heinekin retrieved from the bag charge bin and opened with the assistance of the commanders jimpy mount at 03.30 hrs on Soltau (October 72) followed by compo sausages on white bread with oily handprints....what ecstasy!!!!
Egg banjo,on week old piece of bread found at back of turret,Soltau,1964.No,I didn't wash my hands first,did anyone?


In my vehicle we prided ourselves on our culinary excellence. Although inf the driver was ex ACC and we spend heavily on home comforts before we set out. :)


Soltau....Z Company Command Panzer. LIMA is preparing a full scale Compo English Breakfast complete with eggs and Brötchen from the local Farm. I`d been on stag all night with the CSM (Spick Barber) listening to his War stories all night of his tours in NI where "real soldiers" only ate cold Compo and us young sprogs didnt know how good we had it.
The look on his face when I presented him with his breakfast of Compo rice and Chicken Extreme, laced with slices of Cheese possessed - all uncooked and cold, was a Picture.
As the Company Comd had also listened to the war stories, there was nothing he could do except buckle down and eat it as we tucked in to our lovely fried Breakfast!


1984, Vlotho a trench in hermans front garden on the KP phase of Lionheart.
Out pops herman after stand down with a big urn of black tea and a 3 litre bottle of Asbach. i didnt realise I liked it so much, he thought we would share it with the company, he didnt know we were only a section and the Pln sgt had already tasked us with hiding a crate he found in the back of the Pln cdrs FFR.
Didnt drink any tea!
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