Discussion in 'Gunners' started by MADPIERRE16, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. SLR cocking handle and SMG magazine were by far the best bottle openers in the 80s how do modern day weapons compare?
  2. The best bottle opener by far was a chieftain tank!
  3. I once knew a wife of a QOHldrs lad, who could open a bottle with her teeth. Charming lass.

    Ahhh, Tidworth in the early 80's.
  4. Will second that, the boffins had designed and got them fitted everywhere!!!
  5. Best bottle opener? this a question off the GCSE Maths exam??

    I know - a bottle opener!
  6. That will only get you a grade C. For a higher grade you need to show greater understanding and possibly write a long sentence, for example;

    "It has been proved that a bottle opener is best for opening bottles because they were designed for this purpose" - Here you remember the all important "This is because" that will help you achieve a better mark.

    B for effort, C for achievement - Could try harder
  7. REME stable belt :twisted:

    Arte Et Marte - Twist To open.
  8. those of you in selected corps, regiments and "them" have a pretty decent bottle opener in the form of the big round, shield like, stable belt buckle... never had one of them, my belt had one of those 2 little leather belt straps

    Edited as i still can't type
  9. I know this is off-topic, but I was chuffed that my school reports often showed:
    A for achievement, E for effort
  10. Ariel base on the roll cage on a 1 tonne land rover(on the inside) just behind the drivers head.
  11. It has been proved that aggressive, large ex-gunners are best for chinning gobby crabfat because, although they were not designed for this purpose, they might as well have been...excellent now I can add English to my list of GCSE passes this summer. Whatever is next, I wonder? :)
  12. msr

    msr LE

  13. I was issued one. It was nice and shiny and made of stainless and also doubled as a clasp-knife apparently. We all had 'em clipped to our belts in little home-made pouches. Dead sexy.

    I lost mine at Batus, so if anyone found it, I want it back you thieving git.

    I haven't managed to open a bottle of beer since...and it's gettting serious after 12 years... :cry:
  14. Good use of spelling and punctation. Your grammar is correct and conveys your point. Use of "slang" is undesirabe, but will be overlooked. You can't pass your English GCSE until you've done some creative writing I'm afraid. However well done for the extra effort, you've done really well. I'm really pleased with your work. Have a star and keep up the hard work
  15. A bic lighter, any edge of a table/cupboard etc, a book, a pair of skis, mobile phone in fact I have seen people (mostly boxheads funnily enough) use just about anything and everthing to open beer bottles with.

    It is pretty amazing to watch sometimes. Using a book to open a bottle of wobbly was a good one to watch. It does work. done it my self a couple of times as a party trick since I first saw it done.