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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by error_unknown, Nov 12, 2004.

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  1. I've watched the 'Magnums' thread but, never having had a pair of them, haven't contributed. But it did occur to me: what are the best boots?

    Personally, when the weather is warm I wear the US jungle boots I glommed from Belize 15 years ago; when it's cold I wear a pair of Danner's I bought from Silvermans. My personal complication is that I got frostbite in my feet a few years back and thus have crap circulation and arthritis in some of my toes. The Danners really stink after a few days' wear but they are comfy and warm. Any thoughts?
  2. For me,

    Magnums are good lightweight boots but not that sturdy.

    Pro Boots are the best issued boots I have had.

    KSB's the best civvie walking boot
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Patent-leather thigh length stilettos - PVC at a push

    One over each shoulder

  4. ROTFLMAO :lol:
  5. Yeah? And what do you get your wife to wear?

  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    WIFE ! 8O

    You didn't say she had to be present ! :(
  7. Magnums are ace but theres a requirement to be downgraded and 16 stone in order to wear them.
  8. I'm a fan of Lowa combat hi in the cool,

    Swedish, steel toe cap tankie summer boots in the hot (Broad junglies basically) I have never seen another pair of these anywhere on the internet can you help

    A spanky pair of Meindl desert foxes for the sand pit

    Loverly! non of this issue rubbish, :lol:
  9. Try here for made to measure hand made excellance.
    I have a pair of motorcycle boots and a pair of walking boots from them. Very, very good quality, and wonderful after sales service.
  10. Different jobs, different boots. But having worn maybe two dozen different styles and models over the last twenty-something years, my all time favorite all rounder is the Britton (Go-fast) They're very similiar to the issue item, but a bit lighter. Nicely cushioned dual density soles, no fiddly speed lacing gimmicks, just a good quality medium weight boot.
    I treat each new pair by tipping a litre of Neatsfoot oil into the boot, leaving it for a couple of hours, until the leather is totally saturated, repeat if bi-pedal, then pour back into can. Stuff the boots with old rags and leave in the airing cupboard for 48 hours (always guaranteed to p**s off your significant other!)
    Hey presto, magic boots! as soft and watertight as a seals tw*t!
    nb: yes, your socks will always be a little bit oily, but it does wash out, and you will never have another blister!
  11. We got Matterhorns in Boz in 94. I think they were the US contribution. I sold mine for £150 when I got back - it was when all the students were into combat clobber.

    They were crapulous as boots, 'cos the goretexy stuff got clogged up and made your feet reek. Proboots are much more betterer. But you can't get 'em shiny......
  12. in pink?

  13. How are you supposed to clean ProBoots, then? I find sticking them in the washing machine doesn't do them much good.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    To match your eyes ? 8O
  15. Brasher Supalite GTX - pump name but they are the business :D

    No more expensive than other branded boots but made to be light. They offer perfect support on the old ankles and yet you can roll them into a ball in your hands.

    I'm not selling them BTW - I just think they are the dog's obvious :D :D