Best boots mong. Help required please.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by flutedbarrel, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. I have a brand spanking new set of studded drill boots (Two sizes too big.) and a ******* massive lump of Beeswax.

    To be perfectly honest I haven't really got a clue what I am doing with it and really do not want to turn the new boots into a Winnie the Pooh fantasy.

    From what I understand you have to:

    Pack the boots with wet sand or Newspaper.

    Put a dirty great lump of wax and polish into a mess tin, heat it up then apply to the boot with a weapon cleaning brush or paintbrush.

    Heat the boot up with a flame (Not a kin' gas Axe I presume.....) To absorb the wax.

    Repeat until the leather can not absorb any more wax.

    Bull as normal.

    Guys, is that a load of horse shit or am I pretty much there? I really don't want to **** this up as it has taken the best part of a year to aquire the new boots.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated because to be fair being a Wedge, polishing stuff really doesn't fire my rockets.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Morello is the quick way looks good too, or just good old fashioned Kiwi parade gloss. If the leather is the bumpy dimpled sort smooth it out with a hot spoon and melted kiwi. don't burn the leather, just need to be hot enough to smooth the leather. Then many happy hours bulling while watching a football match.
  3. The boots are the smooth type.
  4. If you've been issued them, your a wooden top, explains why you can't use a search fuction.
  5. Cheers for that.

    I see your hard of reading so have selected the sailient points of my post to make it eaiser for you.

    Search function? Ok Seen.

    Anyone have an idiots guide to beeswaxing boots?
  6. Yes you'll find it using the search function and see 'the butlers' posts.
  7. HHH

    HHH LE

  8. Thank you Jarrod.
  9. Found the link. I see this has been discussed a million and one times.

    My apologies for also being an Internet mong.

    I shall of course, **** off.
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