Best boots for Tabbing

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by StevieW, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. hi there i am doing a lkot of tabbing and soon to start Lanyard training, and at present still using my issued boots which are ok up to about the 8 mile point! im looking to buy some gucci boots so wondering which ones to buy... any advice is greatly appreciated. :? :? :? :? :?
  2. If you trawl through the previous posts there are literally loads of info on
    boots matey.
    Try the QM's Or Training Wing Sections...

    But i'll give you a starters..

    1. Lowas seem to be the Squaddies favourite
    2. Meindle a very good and hard wearing boot
    3. Scarpa again a good hard wearing mountain boot, comes in brown leather
    4. Matterhorn boots are very good, comfortable and as previously mentioned very hard wearing.
    5. Hanwag, kind of Lowa lookalike,

    Most of these boots are fitted with the Vibram sole, a quality hard wearing
    all terrain sole, that when worn down can be re-soled to your boots.
    Prices range from £100 To about £140. but at the end of the day, it's good
    knowing you've paid good money for an excellent foot system.. :D

    Also many come with a Gore tex lining, not good for long distance Tabs
    Just check out the markets, and whatever takes your fancy.

    Hope this helps

    DWTD.. :evil:
  3. DMS mate, no need for anything else. Wet feet are a must!

  4. Got to have the "comfy" insoles as well
  5. No one can give you any top tips on this mate, they can only tell you what worked for them. You have to find out for yourself, everyone is different.

    For me, the best was alway Pro-Boots, even in warm weather, they were just so comfortable on me and I have quite fcuked up feet!

    Some people even swore by Combat Highs. Trezeta, Meindle etc etc - all good makes but it's like asking what your favourite pint is----eveyones feet are different.

    If you're asking this question because (as I suspect, correct me if I'm wrong) you're getting ready for a course with lots of tabbing, you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and take a chance. Could end up being quite expensive finding the right boot for you but you have to weigh that in the balance, what are you going to achieve if you do get it right? P Coy? AACC? Juniors? Seniors? Selection?

    Whatever it is, best of luck to you mate, I hope you find the boot for you!!!

    ###edited...i've just gone back up the thread and seen you're doing Lanyard, so there is a lot of tabbing involved, you're just gonna have to experiment with different boots during your training..what unit you with?###
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Old ones.....
  7. Used Lowas, Magnums, proboots, and matterhorns, to date the best boots i've found are altbergs.
  8. ok thanks for all the help, gonna look at some altbergs as a few people have allready reccomended these.
  9. Did you say its best to get a pair without the waterproof membrain ??
  10. Altbergs all the way. They are like fcuking slippers mate. Done miles in mine, it almost makes tabbing a joy (except in shagging wales).
  11. How did you catch the wale to shag it? Was it fun?


  12. Oh yes?

    ...commin over ere boi, takin our women with yor fansi english wais.... :wink:
  13. altbergs all the way. got them for nijmegan. i have one question. if its a stupid question the feel free to rip me apart. what is lanyard training? i have never heard it mentioned
  14. Hi there sorry i didnt really make things clear enough for those who arent from the signals, Lanyard is a Yearly run Royal Signals competition, bassicly its a Tabbing competition over Brecon, correct me if im wrong any one, but i think its 40 miles with 40lb, not entirally sure on weight as this year is gonna be my first attempt at it.
  15. stevieW, believe this or believe it not, i am royal signals and i havent heard this mentioned or promoted in the time i have been in my unit. even the superfit ones who do the marathons and all fitness competitions has never said anything about this. i wonder if it is because we couldnt field a decent team ot the powers that be think it is bone