best boots for afghan?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Adzzy, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. hi guys and girls just wanted to get your opinion on what's the best boots to wear out in afghan?
  2. The ones your issued....
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  3. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Closely followed by the ones that fit the best.
  4. Bugger, beat me to it
  5. yer a ment out of lowa mindel or magnum
  6. Depends, are you going to be a fobbit or deploying outside the wire on foot regularly?
  7. What was that? The Google translator couldn't translate it.
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  8. part of IRG team
  9. Lowas and Meindl are both good- Meindl are good for wider feet, are generally comfortable from the outset but don't last quite so well.

    If you're in Bastion then Magnums will do you.

    You will have a choice of all three.
  10. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You get a pair of Magnums for cutting about camp and a choice of EITHER Lowas or Meindles. Choose the ones that fit you best.

    I went for the Lowas as the 12.5 wides fitted me best.
  11. I wouldn't take your "best boots" with you to be honest. They'll only get cracked.

    Re-bulling would be a nightmare with all the dust in the air. You'll end up with a scratched surface.
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  12. Do the Afghans wear boots? Thought they were more into sanadals & slippers.
  13. cheers for that people.
  14. tend to wear nike air max's these days
  15. The nightlife in Kabul's pretty humdrum after 'Isha; and I think the Irish Pub's closed down, but if you must and fancy a cup of chai with your bong, these will go down a storm:

    View attachment 49283

    For all other occasions the army will probably lend or lease you something.
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