Best book on The Troubles/ Northern Ireland Conflict

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Treadstone81, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi chaps,

    I realise this is a wife ranging and general subject spanning many years, but as a member of HM Forces I feel its my responsibility to at least know something about what went on, why we were there, what we did and why etc and who the main people/organisations were...

    So, if anyone can recommend a good paperback for my own personal background knowledge and interest I'd be grateful.

  2. hi pal ,, i am reading a book at the minute its called Armed Struggle History of the I R A,,,, author is Richard English , its quite good i am sure theres plenty more out there too pal
  3. [​IMG]
    Come back when you've had a try at this. More advice follows.
  4. Just read 2 excellent books..

    One entitled '1033'

    The other called 'unsung hero' by Kevin Fulton.

  5. 1033 is a bit off the mark, not only is memory telling me that it was a temporary loan chitty, the author also includes lots of distortion to the facts.

    Have not read Fulton's book so, would decline to comment.
  6. One of the better books is "Big Boys Rules" by Mark Urban.
    It follows the covert war against the RA from the mid 1970's up to the Loughgall shootings in 87.
    Worth a look.
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  7. 'The RUC a Force Under Fire' is a good read but sometimes forgets to mention the up to 20,000 soldiers going places they wouldn't sometimes.
  8. Three books by Peter Taylor give a pretty good grounding - "Provos", "Brits" and "Loyalists". Though it has to be said that the best/most informative books are probably several years away yet.
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  9. Cusack and Macdonalds books on the UDA and UVF are also really good.
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Try Ken Wharton's book,'A Long, long war' should give you a good idea of how things were, and also Mike Dewar, 'The British Army in Northern Ireland'
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  11. I bought this book called 'unsung hero' by Kevin Fulton months ago from a charity shop .This has to be one of the most detailed books about the war, A soldier is recruited to go undercover inside a terrorist organisation, the story unfolds very quickly and makes for some terrible revelations. In my view .The book takes you along at a very good speed & is in essence, a very good book.
  12. ''Fulton is a bit of a dreamer.Try ''The Triggermen'' by Martin Dillon
  13. Check his previous posts.
  14. Contact by AFN Clarke? soldiers views of the early troubles.
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  15. Would highly recommend:

    Pheonix: Policing the Shadows, RUC, a Force under Fire, Bandit Country.

    First two concentrate on RUC, third looks at South Armagh.
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