Best Bond Film?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BigJobs, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. From Russia With Love

  2. Goldfinger

  3. Thunderball

  4. OHMSS

  5. Live and Let Die

  6. The Man With The Golden Gun

  7. Living Daylights

  8. Goldeneye

  9. Tomorrow Never Dies

  10. The World Is Not Enough

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  1. Just watched Goldeneye, and I think its a cracker.
    Good points:
    Dam Jump
    DB5 and Ferrari chase
    Samantha bond as a hotty of a moneypenny
    Pierce Brosnan being a cracking bond
    Judi Dench as a brilliant ballcruncher of an M
    Tank chase in moscow
    Q being q
    The russians
    Space weapon
    Crazy lady baddy
    Sean Bean and British Baddy
    Robby Coultrane

    Bad points
    No bond car.

    I know they aren't all there, but it wouldnt let me put them all down.
  2. I like "Tomorrow Never Dies". The fight between Bond and 009 at the end was great.
  3. thats goldeneye, and its 006!
  4. Hey, I was in the ballpark. :wink:

    Still think that was the greatest fight in any Bond film.
  5. you young whippersnappers will not remember how inovative "from russia with love" was to a teenager on first seeing it! And the crumpet!!!!
  6. The Roger Moore one with Jane Seymour as the Tarot reader. I'm not sure what it was called, but I think it was set in and around New Orleans. Great voodoo/cemetery scene, and did I mention Jane Seymour, still my all time top fantasy totty.
  7. the first, and possibly best, film was left off the list. Dr. No.
  8. Dr. No wasn't a 'bond' film. May have been the first, but wasnt the best. From Russia with love is brilliant. My 2nd fav
  9. GoldenEye wins hands down.

    The Living Daylights with Timothy Dalton = Worse Bond film ever.
  10. That would be Live and Let Die, good film but Paul Mcartney and The Wings doing the theme tune? What were they thinking????
  11. I quite like the living daylights actually. Awesome car, brilliant set pieces. Snipers galore.
  12. I thought Living Daylights was great meself. OHMSS has to be the worst one, why do you think George Lasenby was only Bond once?
  13. Noway. OHMSS was a cracking one. Lazenby had a bugger of a plot ending to deal with, same with dalton in licence to kill.
  14. Liscence to kill did suck but Timothy Dalton's Living Daylights was in my opinion a very good bond film. Lazenby too did a good job in OHMSS, he only did one because he didn't get on with the director, and Telly Savalas made a good Bloefeld (though again never as good as Donald Pleasence).

    All in all Goldfinger, OHMSS, Living Daylights and Goldeneye are my top four, order yet to be decided....
  15. How is Dr. No not a "Bond" film?