Best Bodge ?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Adjustable, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Time :- Circa 1988

    Situation :- En-route from Stapel to Detmold after Recovery excercise. Chiefy ARV decides to shit itself and snaps a throttle cable, also, GCP gives up.
    Last working Cent ARV on drag back already, and three hour wait for said ARV to get turned around for recovery.
    Not prepared to wait. Want to get home.

    Solution :- 4 man crew.
    One steering / braking.
    One down tunnel changing up gear on the mazzie. Those familliar will remember that the governor will change down automatically. It's a bit rough, but it works.
    One sat next to drivers hatch, pulling strategically tied length of Don-10 connected to FIP throttle arm.
    One co-ordinating the others (Commander). (Shouting "Rev"..." Flick"..."Clear Right"... etc !!!

    Outcome :- We got the bugger back in one piece, and had time for a pint in the mess. :twisted:

    (Paddy, 'Essie, Dave "L", if you are around here....)

    Bests AJ
  2. Best Bodge??????

    Dont you mean Field Repair :D
  3. Of course, if you prefer, I will conform with the "modern" vernacular :wink: Or, you will have noticed, I did at least mention BDR :wink:
  4. Cancel the last part of my last :) That was in another thread :oops:
  5. On a fitter section once in an artillery workshop, similar snapped throttle linkage on an M578, commander "found" a craftsman who was then persuaded to sit atop the pack operating the throttle with his foot.
  6. I once repaired the gearshift on my motor with the inevitable piece of string and black nasty, having broken it on a busy roundabout at rush-hour; it worked well enough to get me 2nd and 4th, so it stayed like that for a week! 8O
  7. BATUS 1986

    don’t know if this classes as a bodge, FRT turned up and fitted a new B81 into one of our 432’s so, me went to see if it was working ok before they left, weather really poor and about -6 I jump in and notice that it was not charging , so I inform the crew chief who sends over the biggest bloke iv ever seen who gets in the drivers seat smashes both of the Amp meters and tells me its charging now!!!!! I wasn’t going to argue with him!!

    Note to self be more assertive in future
  8. Not by me,

    Cent 165 AVRE gear stick broke off, driver Clem put mole grips on stub and carried on driving. Every time he changed gear his head disappeared in side the hatch, then came up looking where he was going.
  9. Bosnia 97. My Merc low loader blew a turbo gasket and a replacement was crafted from an Amesbury taxi company card. It lasted 2 days before blowing spectacularly near MG.
  10. I got in a taxi in Gambia which had mole grips on the steering column instead of a steering wheel. It looked like it had been like that for years so I would say that's a pretty good 'bodge'. :)
  11. Herrick 7, Foden wrecker fuel sediment bowl smashed, so my mate bodged (sorry, field repair) it with a baked bean tin out of the 10 man ration box.
    Actually work a treat. :D
  12. Many years back on Med Man, I was FRG'ing it and decided a bit of gambling was reqd to liven things up, so rather than run up any assembly prior to fitting it, we (my good lady driver and myself, hi clammy), flipped our lucky quarter prior to fitting said assy, using the principle that if the Queens head appeared it was good, and if the stag appeared we would be stagging on all night if we didn't run it. It actually worked for the whole exercise. Wouldn't try it again or recommend it, mind you there are crazier management decisions being made nowadays so go for it !
  13. one which happened only a couple of weeks ago, sandy place, south sandy place river crossing, a certain vehicle being driven by some certain people went crossing a river and got engaged by the obvious, just as extracting under fire, said vehicle breaks down. call forward the vm, after carrying toolbox for around 3ks through river systems and deep mud, said vehicle is fixed by ramming gerber into throttle position sensor and driven out of the killing zone by said vm thus rescueing said operators. well done the reme.
  14. No wonder I stayed an Artisan and you and Clammy went Tiffy, I didnt have your expertise on those 50/50 decisions when we were in FRG. I thought a certain stripey used all the Loonies at Cheetahs though with the flipping at the strippers :wink:
  15. Ok not a REME bodge but on my Lambretta back festoon bulb kept spinning around in it's holder thus preventing it work problem solved by packing it out with tin foil bodge has worked for around 5 years now. And another one was the brake switch a cheap Indian pattern one plunger not engaging packed it out by using a bold solved behind it passed it's MOT like that as well. Can I join the REME? :wink: