Best board game in the world?

_Artemis_ said:
That's offensive.

I shall be writing to the people in charge immediately and offering them out to "Bop-It".
Well, if you insist on shooting/stabbing your "brothers", dealing illegal narcotics, regularly beating your woman to a pulp and habitually pissing in the kitchen sink, what do you expect, a pat on the back?
Schleswig-Holstein said:
sandmanfez said:
Well, if you insist on habitually pissing in the kitchen sink......
And just what is wrong with pissing in the sink? I thought it was the mark of a thinking man?
Hear! Hear!

Brilliant, though! If you don't mind I've started widespread internet circulation. (Posted it to some mates...)


I thought that was a cheap snidey copy of the scouser monopoly but missing the "steal flowers for the instant grief bandwagon" section!


Kit Reviewer
Bloody fun police are blocking the picture :x

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