Best Blair Heckler of the Year

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. Must have been classed as a low security risk appearance ... only four Security Guards evident ....

    Blair Hong Kong.jpg

    ... his popularity still knows no bounds .
  2. Even with the blurring you can still make out his spiv-like inane, lying, cheating, dishonest grin.

    I wonder how much this little jolly is costing us in protection and how much money the cnut is making out of it.
  3. How is that a good heckle? You can't even hear what he said.

    I give a 1 out of a possible 10.
  4. I hadn't realised that the grinning spiv arch-traitor was polluting our air. I hope he gets chopped.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I'd agree. Blair got the applause for his rebuttal. The depressing thing about Blair is his complete lack of interest / awareness that maybe some of us are a tad miffed about being taken to war on a lie. He just cruises on regardless.
  6. George Bush asked God, who said it was all OK.
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  7. Miser.

    Prepared Arrest Warrant: 2
    Over the Shoulder Leather Bag: 1
    Floppy Sincere Hair: 1.5
    Lithe Studenty Shoulders: 1
    Slow But Inexorable Gait: 1
    Clear Loud as An Order etc: 4
  8. C'mon punk, make my day... Boooom! 10
  9. Blair got a good heckling down here in NZ, not alot happens down here, well, down here in the south Island anyway so it lifted my spirits when he got the big kiwi middle finger.
  10. Best Blair Heckler of the Year? I'm sure it'd involve the phrase "...& Koch" as well somewhere.
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  11. When you wake up next to Cherie Blair's face every morning the only thing you have to look foward to is the snipers red dot on your forehead.
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  12. Just send him out on a bicycle with no bell on & job's a good 'un!
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  13. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Agreed. A good heckle is when Blair ends up on the floor with his balls in his throat.
  14. I have to admit to liking his style. If I could make a few bob by sending some of you whinging ***** to war and still have a nice little earner on the 'circuit' after, you'd never be out of your combats, I can tell you. As you were getting more than your average amount of range time in somebody else's country, I'd be ******* Mama's in the Bahamas. Oh yes.