Best Bit Of Kit Robbed/Swapped From The Spams

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Golf_one_one, Apr 29, 2005.

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  1. Whats your favourite bit of kit to get hold of from our american friends?

    poncho liner

    camp cot

    MRE's (not after 6 weeks on them in Kuwait, cheers RLC admin)
  2. Not the Spams but Canadians, close enough :wink:

    I swapped an issue sleeping bag compression sack for a self inflating roll map, a seriously quality bit of kit
  3. Camp bed and ranger blanket/poncho liner all the way.

    Come to think of it British squadies must have had a good effect on the Merkin economy with all those Yank made camp beds in Brit hands. It's easyer to ask who hasn't had one that who has :D
  4. Poncho liner and the Woodland camo ripstop poncho. Much lighter and packs away in a pouch smaller than its british counterpart. Makes a better basha too.

    Inflatable mattress, (like an olive green lilo), Vietnam issue. Very comfortable and thermally insulated too, so you could get away with a lighter sleeping bag

    2 quart flexi water bottle with drinking tube. A cheap hi-cap hydration pack!

    Wood alcohol fuel tubs.

    M16A2 rifle (okay, never got my own, but have fired it in the states, and this is the rifle we should have adopted and license built in 1985 instead of the 'Bob Marley')

    All of this kit had one thing in common. It was much LIGHTER and not so BULKIER than its British Army equivalent.
  6. Oh yes, American cot very much a "must have" piece of kit. Visitors to Cuddles Towers who are in the overflow accommodation always fight over who gets the cot...unless they are useless civvy bastard and dive onto the sofa laughing! Next morning they can be straightened using weights...
  7. Swopped a L:ight Blue Beret for a camp cot and a colemans stove a few years ago spam was well seen off
  9. Offered a Jeep with Ma Duce for my Sterling SMG in 1982.

    Had to turn the offer down but got a camp cot and winter boots for my "excercise beret - R. Sigs".

    Last used the camp cot in anger (Wooden not aluminuminimumummm?)in Boz in 97.
  10. MREs after 6 weeks of rat packs on TELIC. Just to make it seem as though I was being nice, they got loads of treacle pudding. They were being used to stop radio wobbling - fair exchange I believe. :p
  11. GBTD
    If your swopping treacle pudding for camp cots your mad I KNOW A "Q" that gives Camp cots away for FREE (he cant eat anymore treacle pudding)
  12. A cap badge for one o their PT jackets...
  13. A 6ft gorgeous blonde model/singer/dancer for a 5' 2" typical wife-of was a good trade I think....

    ...except I didn't actually trade....

    ...The USMC Capt didn't even get to meet the first Mrs. Stoat - don't suppose that was very fair of me looking back.....

    Ah well, serves him right for being an arse.
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Got a cot in exchange for a couple of beers.

    A chum got offered a Hummer in 91 for a box of rats.l

    Another chum robbed a GPS (sans crypto) - which I've now got if anyone can source batteries and crypto then they can have this.

  15. Loads of kit swaps with the spams they are so easy
    1)Stay bright beret badge - k-bar knife
    2)desert rat patch -wiley-x glasses (boxed set )
    3)desert bush hat - poncho liner and a spankers pair of yank desert boots