Best bit of issue kit .............ever.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by NAP6W, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. What is the best, most dogs danglies bit of kit you have been officially issued ?????

    Mine - RAF Officers flying boots. Most comfortable knocking round camp boots ever. Made from the thigh skin of young South American virgins.
  2. I think im happy with my desert boots or my Petzl head torch. Or maybe my issue 1970's chuck norris sun glasses!
  3. Shorts in Belize. Old, scruffy and comfy as hell.
  4. Windproof Smock - West Belfast 1993, allowed me to hand in my old one when we left TAOR.
  5. Compo tin opener!
  6. Raybans sunglasses! We thought we were the mutts nutts when we blagged them off the yanks, but then the OC appeared and demanded them all back "property of the regiment".

    bollocks :(
  7. Front grill off a 1 tonner, Great for field BBQ's.

    Edit for been a nub
  8. Boiling vessel blagged ex a Scammell EKA when Nut Stranglers not watching
  9. Air crew gloves silk inners would like to apologies to the pilot who left his cab open whilst a Army Pet OP refuelled him in Norway SORRY MATE I MEAN SIR.
  10. Cocking handle of an SLR - great for opening beer bottles :)
  11. The softie trousers are great .And the softie jacket even if its just a cheap fake .Even better wearing it winds up a kit bunny i know who did a summer tour and didnt get one :lol:
  12. Talc Sterilised Dusting Powder 120gm NSN 6505-99-225-2357 - Never get sweat rash again, the stuff is the mutts nuts, civvy talc smells gay and just does not cut the mustard!

    I would like to mention that it says something when this is the best thing I've ever been issued!
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    58 Pattern belt.

    Makes everyone look like an extra from Apocalypse Now.
  14. Kipmat without a doubt. 44 patt water bottle mug is very, very good, but the kipmat was a quantum leap after shivering as a career. Thermarest is better, but not issued. Proboots were pretty good. But overall, the issue kipmat has my vote.
  15. Chinese fighting suit trousers, now they were the dogs boll cks, a tad flammable but bloody warm and bloody convenient!