Best Birds accents

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by scousemech, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. I have had the fortunate experience whilst serving for queen and country to come across quite an array of females pardon the pun.
    And I was wondering which accent made you rock and which semi.
    My own personal experience I found the gentle dulcet tones of the welsh and some irish to be quite stirring.Basically I would nail all welsh birds as long as they spoke dirty to me.
    I did have the pleasure of copulating with a tasty geordie lass whilst serving at 220 and I was getting right in to it so whilst in mid stroke she converses with me in her broad geordie vocal accent "howay scoose fook oose mon go oon geeve it too oose yah hacky barsteed".I then said politely retorted to my Newcastle ladyfriend shut the f*ck up your putting me off to which she duly obliged and I then proceeded quite merrily to shoot my muck through the almost inaudible incoherent grunts and groans.

    it was quite hard to believe that something so tasty had the mouth of a seafaring navvy mind you she was top draw in the sack just couldnt bear her voice.
  2. Scouse accent on a little blonde greedy...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :twisted:
  3. Best = West country
    worst - Birmingham
  4. "Scouse accent on a little blonde greedy...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

    Strong shout that man!

    There was a program with Stephen Gerrard a while ago in which was an interview his hot blonde scouse mrs, it was nearly too much!
  5. Not very fond of it myself on a bird
  6. I love the Pontefract / Doncaster accent

    a bird saying 'Thou is gonna scuk that stinking helmet of yours until it splats in me gob ya fcuker' is pure erotica.

    especially if its followed by 'tha's on t' blob so yer can chuck it in me backpipe, just don't spuzz there am at jobbie centre at two'

    Classy and truly delightful the birds of east yorks
  7. Scouse birds always scare me, im not sure if they want pumping or pounding.
  8. Aussie, tie me kangaroo down sport
  9. I have always found French Birds accents to be nice. It is just a shame that they let themselves down by being French.
  10. Softly spoken Scottish or Southern Irish will usually do the trick for me.
  11. But when a Scouse man talks dirty to you...?! 8O :D
  12. Top Shout now that I would like to hear
  13. For me, you can't beat a bit of posh.

    I'm a good old fashioned working class guy, not rough or common but I find that posh tarts rather like a strong, friendly northern chappie!!
  14. Philipino