Best beverage

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MrPVRd, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Tea

  2. Coffee

  3. Cappucino

  4. Cafe Latte Mocha (ie some other Italian concoction)

  5. Coffee Espresso or Turkish style

  6. Cocoa

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  7. Horlicks

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  8. Bovril

  9. Fruit/herbal/chamomile tea

  10. Special Brew

  1. What is the beverage of choice?

    A nice cup of tea? NATO standard or with a slice of lemon?
    Coffee? Black or white with two?
    Cappucino or some other girlie Italian concoction (itf they'd had proper tea they might have done better in North Africa ;))
    Chamomile or herbal tea (legal substances only)
    Special Brew?
  2. No rioja?
  3. I assumed that those resorting to alcohol as a beverage drunk throughout the day would have less than refined tastes.
  4. oh - you didn't say a daytime drink! In that case coffee in the morning and tea (NATO) in the afternoon. No alkiehol before 1800 naturally.......
  5. I see we are still on the 'best of' knitting circle type threads :roll:
  6. It's always daytime SOMEWHERE in the world, so why differentiate?!

    Dozy a.k.a. Pickle a.k.a. Lushy... :oops: :lol:
  7. German coffee (Tchibo) freshly brewed in a German percolator with semi-skimmed milk. Aaahhhh! :p

    Ve haf vayz of making a cuppa.
  8. chill out CC darling xx
  9. Bovril.....dark afternoons watching Plymouth Argyle getting stuffed in the late 70's - marvellous!

    Better recently, but still drink the stuff to remember all those dark days of running from Chelsea/Millwall/Wolves supporters.
  10. From the rat pack in cold weather. 1 pack drinking chocolate, 1 sachet sugar, 2-4 non dairy whiteners, 3/4-1 sachet freeze dried coffee or 2 sachets spray dried coffee. The coffee can be replaced by 1/8-1/4 pack of orange screech(not lemon) for that terry's chocolate orange goodness.

  11. Tea Julie Andrews.
    Coffee NATO.

    Cowboy - don't diss the brews - now get the kettle on! ;)
  12. I miss the powdered orange/lemon "juice" from the ratpacks!

    Coffee was very much a rank thing. NAAFI's worst in the JRM and "proper" coffee in the OM. What was the coffee like in the Sgt's Mess?
  13. Pussers Kai on a cold upper deck watch
  14. Since when was Special Brew considered an alcoholic beverage, what is so special about it? Why not Creamflow or Guiness?
  15. Give me "Tramp Juice" every time. Special Brew, Tennents Super, in fact anything you can set light to.