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Hello, I'm ex-TA infantry who left shortly after a Herrick tour in 2010.

I've been struggling for freelance work of late (only making around 250 a week after long hours). So I could really do with re-enlisting and going of for another tour of Helmandshire.

Who would be my best bet to get away on a tour with quickly, I've rang one of the steelbacks PSIs and they've told me their blokes have already left, anyone know which regiment I'd be best off joining as I'm preparred to travel.

There's also this DIE stuff I've been reading about which came in after I'd left, how does that work? Will that mean that I have to spend a year of weekends before getting to deploy again? (not whinging, just want to know what I'm in for)

I've also heard 4 para do a "gap year" with a regular battalion, I'd be interested to know if I'm ellligible for that (31 yrs old and not a student).
By the time you've joined 4 PARA, done your training, passed P Coy and your jumps course Afghanistan will probably be over. The regular PARA battalions won't be doing another Herrick tour anyway, bar SFSG. You can always wait for the next war on the horizon. Dave hasn't got one in yet unless you count Libya.
Thankyou for the quick reply, I suspected as much.

I did read though that British Forces were reconsidering the drawdown even if the Americans left enmasse, I read 2013-2014 talked about as the handing over of large parts of Helmand, but that British Forces would still be deployed in a supporting role for a few more years to come.

Also would I have to do basic and CIC again if I went down the 4 Para route? I wouldn't actually mind doing CIC again as it would help me prepare for P coy.

Also, when I did a tour we had a few TA guys from a different capbadge, do the TA paras do the same? (send their blokes away with non-para units or only with 2 or 3 para)
Yes, they can deploy with different units other than 2 or 3 Para, I believe the SSRE programme was stopped in 2010.
Thanks for the info so far fellas.

So, does anyone know what the best bet would be for a year or maybe two employment in the Army? Obviously I'm still within the regular age limit, but they're making cut-backs so I doubt they'd emply a 31-yr-old these days, there's an FTRS I'm interested in ( language course,I've already passed the MLAT with 80+ percent a few years ago).

What would be the best capbadge, Infantry or otherwise to quickly get in?

Or are deployments and FTRS a thing of the past?


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Where in the country are you? 6 & 7 Rifles (as well as 3 PWRR I'm led to believe) are gearing up to send bods on Herrick 18. DIE training starts in April, mobilisation at the start of December and deployment in next March/April.

Given the time it would take to become trade trained and therefore employable on tour, there's not much point in re-roling as one of the support arms unless you really want to do that particular trade. You might as well stick with the Infantry as it will probably be straightforward case of re-enlisting with minimal refresher training, depending of course on how long you have been out.

Please note that all enlistees with previous military service will need to have a Special Enlistment application (B203) submitted by their enlisting unit to APC Glasgow. Rumour control has it that there is a backlog of Special Enlistment applications at APC (probably in part due to the recent surge in TA recruitment) and whatever the truth, it does seem to take a few weeks to process through, so the sooner you apply the quicker your enlistment will get processed (natch!).
I'm notts based ex-Mercian.

I kind of figured the Rifles would be my best bet as it's fookin huge and there always seems to be a battalion on tour.

Although I said I don't mind travelling, preferably my nearest Rifles unit would be best, because of finances.

If I could get the phone number from someone and start the ball rolling tommorow that would be fantastic.

*nevermind, found it, Gloucester (A Company)


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Look, before you go traversing the countryside in search for the nearest Rifles unit (which would be E Coy, 7 Rifles in Milton Keynes - John Howard Barracks, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5NQ. Tel: 01908 211155. Some great lads there and a superb incoming OC), have you actually tried your nearest Infantry units? There's the 4 Mercs coys at Mansfield and Burton-upon-Trent, as well as a 3 Royal Anglian coy in Leicester. Either (or both) of those battalions might be sending fresh meat on Herrick 18.

Good luck with it mate!
Thankyou, for all the info.

I'll try e company 7 rifles then, if I can't get on a tour in time I'll see about that FTRS.

I'd rather not go back to 4 mercian due to falling out with someone over "lost kit" which I handed in and he forgot to tick off (or rather I signed without making sure it was). He's a colour and I'm a private so if I'm doing loads of DIE weekends in company there's endless opportunity to fuk me about.


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I'd rather not go back to 4 mercian due to falling out with someone over "lost kit" which I handed in and he forgot to tick off (or rather I signed without making sure it was). He's a colour and I'm a private so if I'm doing loads of DIE weekends in company there's endless opportunity to fuk me about.
I feel your pain.

On the plus side, E Coy has some cracking lads and from April the DIE training will kick in with the goodies that this entails. I think they still have a mortar platoon there too if that's your thing. Reference FTRS, to get on one you'll actually need to be a reservist of some nature i.e. either Regular Reserve or TA, so you would have to rejoin in any case.
Yeah, I was still in when they changed the name it just been a few too many pints ago.

I think they've renamed the PFT or BPFA or whatever the fuk it's called now as well since I left in early 2010, I'm just wondering what else has changed, I read in another thread on here something about a sharpshooter rifle, is that L96 or somthing else?
PFA - Personal Fitness Assessment
CFT is now an AFT - Annual Fitness Test

Probably loads of others, recruits, became SUT's and now they're recruits again!!

The sharpshooter rifle isn't L96. I've only ever seen them in pictures, so not an expert by any means!!
FTRS Job Opportunities - British Army Website

Have a look below documents and click on Reserve Assignments Opportunities List, an excel spreadsheet will download with various jobs available, have a look through and see if there are any that you fancy. E2 posts are open to all cap badges if you are qualified.

Good luck!
This is well the quickest method; MATT's, build up training and then out.

If you go the TA route you'll be lucky if you don't have to complete your Recruits Course and you've been out for almost three years.

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