Best Bar Game Encountered In The Corps

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. well gents whats it to be a nice civilised game of EUCHRE :p :p or a down & dirty game of FRECKLES. :oops: :oops:

    for the more risk taking in us what about SHOCK :cry: :cry: or a lovely night in the "bridge" playing SHUT THE BOX. 8O 8O

    any stories relating to any others :?: :?:
  2. Pig's,dance of the flaiming assholes or dam busters for me please chef
  3. and as you rightly mentioned in another topic SPOOF
  4. My section had a thing about playing The Hard Game (i.e holding fags / cigars against your arm for as long as possible). I still have the scars to this day and have lost count of the number of times I've had to make up excuses during medical exams :wink:
  5. if that's 37 fd sqn again, then i'm in. 8) 8)

    i have 2 matching scars on forearms from playing that game in the "elephant & hassle" my "doris" would/could not believe we used to drop a smoke between our arms & see who bottled first. :twisted: :twisted:
  6. Drunken Roof Running... 8O ..Just remembered how stupid I was :oops: (or am).
  7. I really enjoyed Nails when I had the good fortune to be invited into one of your bars in Bos, bloody long time ago now though :-(
  8. Priam wrote

    lot of that used to occur in hameln till the moved all the bars from the :cry: :cry:
  9. We invented a game for our inter troop games, that 32's officer mess tried to claim. T**sers!!

    you set up a line across from two volley ball posts and hang ballons from it (filled with shaving foam if you want), then place a crash mat under the line.

    You get a spring board (you have to have mates in the Gym, lol) at the end of it!

    get jacket combat 1 of an sew the arms to the sides of the jacket, and get a normal helmet/hard hat and glue drawing pins to the top of it (caution: on the outside, inside may cause head aches).

    then run like a bastard and spring of the board trying to head but the ballons, awesome fun after a few beers!!
  10. Ha ha that sounds like alot of fun must give that one a try sometime. :D
  11. The Tunnel of Death. After going on a singlies excursion to Ikea in Hanover 13_EA_72 suggested the fun we could have with a kids tunnel. So we bought it, took it back to the block and the aim of the game was to down a can of lager then from your starting line have to make it through the tunnel before the others got to to the tunnel and kicked sh1t out of you. It was always great getting Chinny to go through, the fat focker always got stuck!!
  12. hahha tunnel of death I can't beleive you homo's threw it out when I went!! remember N R getting a good pumlling in it and P D (or Should I say D P) he went through it with his arm in plaster!!

    Arrrrhhh the good old days of soaking the carpet in the corridor with buckets of water and making a slip and slide!!

    or going up to the bays and getting the tank covers to make a huge slip and slide with 4 bottles of fairy from the naafi!! haahah
  13. AKTTE,

    Don't even mention 'Soggy Biscuit'!!!

  14. We heard that knockers liked this pastime, never had the fortune or "misfortune" of attending one of their corridor parties!!
  15. dont knock it till you've tried it fella :lol: :lol:

    you probably never got invited to a fieldies corridor party cause we dont have jelly & ice-cream at them incase the "remf's" tipped up... 8O 8O 8O