Best band name in the world.....ever!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Brush_Dust_Shake, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. I have just heard on BBC Radio 2, what I consider to be a serious contender for the above:

    Ladeez and Gennelmen, I give you -

    Backbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers!

    I kid you not. Your comments are welcome. :wink:
  2. From the 80`s, I humbly present...

    Ivor Big`un and the Red Nosed Burglars.
  3. Best album name:

    "The Miraculously Winking Jesus" by Cabbage
  4. Peter and the test tube babies
  5. Actually i saw a band recently called Tequila Mockingbird!
  6. Half Man Half Biscuit!
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  7. vaginia Slint and
    cupid stunt
    both names of bands at a youth centre i used to volunteer at
  8. An endless supply of daft band names here


  9. You just have to spoil everything dont you!
  10. Pontius Pilot and the Nail Drivers.
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  11. Weeping Sac
  12. Four Nurses of the Apocalypse o_O
  13. The cunning stunts
  14. My lad was in a band called "Vomit Regurgitated" (they weren't very good)

    It's not a band name, but I do think that Jefferson Starship made the best named song ever:

    'We Built This City on a Sausage Roll'

    At least I think that was the song.
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  15. Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction -pure class

    Also The Stormtroopers of Death, and the classic 80's satirical band Gay Bikers on Acid (whose female bassist left to form the rival band "Lesbian Dopeheads on Mopeds")