Best arse in blandford!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by scaleybac, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Which girl has the best arse in Blandford, not on camp but in town?

    wives and girlfriends exempt!

    I reckon its the bird in Jocks barbers!! anyone else noticed her?
  2. there's a siggie at blandford whose initials are SP (jockanese) whose arse I'd like to do :twisted:
  3. Changed that to suit myself, sorry.

    On topic, couple of nice arrses on barmaids/waitresses in The Anvil.
  4. My ex wife has a nice arse (still) and she lives in Blandford. It's just the brain that spoils the package. :)
  5. Last time I passed through Blanford, it was like a Darby & Joan day out!!!!
  6. Yea she has a nice batty, I'd leave her trim my pubes for me!
  7. So, "wives and girlfriends exempt!" ............ what about "selves"?

    I reckon mine might have been the best arse in Blandford Tesco yesterday afternoon, but, then, that squaddie in there in his CS95's was kinda easy on the eye. :wink:
  8. I reckon you need to provide evidence to support your claim bovvy.( or your own arse that is)

    Edited to prevent misunderstanding!
  9. Bovvyblonde, you need to spill the me yours and ill show
  10. my ring would run rings round your ring bovvy! its fecking massive! looks like a close up of the moon!
    or am i getting the wrong end of the stick

    oh and ive got two ginks! well one and a nasty rip........oops persec!!!!
  11. The trouble is Mr Hallveg, that even if you stayed in Blanders, Bovvy Minx wouldn't have to leave there to see it cresting the brow of the hill like those alien spaceships in Independance Day.
  12. Unlike yours which is in fact non existent, you are arsseless.

    but yeah it is massive :wink: but you really shouldn't be looking, dirty old man!

    how desperate are you?
  13. trouble with the birds in nelsons is they all fcuk off at half ten on a saturday to smoke dope.
  14. So what your saying is all you need is a box of Jaffa cakes and some quavers and your in.
  15. pringles and mr kiplin these girls have a bit of class