Best "army" songs

I have a few that remind me of things or even encouraged me to join up and god do I feel old when I listen to some of them!

1 - Army Dreamers - KAte Bush

2 - Military man - Gary Moore

3 - You're in the Army now - Status Quo (original was from Bolland & Bolland)

4 - When September ends - Greenday

5 - Ride of the valkyres (more a war film thingy)

6 - I will go - the corries

Well, thats me outed meself!!!
No "Brothers in Arms" or even better, "Altogether Now" by The Farm?
Fraid to shoot strangers- Iron Maiden

War Pigs - Black Sabbath

Mamma,i'm coming home - Mr John "Ozzy" Osbourne
Two Little Boys- Rolf Harris :D
Crab.... you're showing your age!

But yes, it was an ace song and I confess to having owned the single!!!
Olivers Army - Elvis Costello

Tin Soldiers - Stiff Little Fingers

Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits (sad as has often been played at mates funerals)

The Trooper - Iron Maiden

White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

Dead_Scans said:
khe sahn cold chisel
Took me ages to identify this song, was always on the lash when I heard, mostly in the church, so had the old mind wipe performed. Also went through a phase of sining the wrong lyrics as well. Last train instead of last plane.

All I kind remember from sitting in the ACIO waiting for bits and bobs is those mad videos that showed the usual exciting stuff. I think there were 3:

The Heat is On - From Beverly Hills Cop
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Let's Work Together - Can't remember which cover though
Another Mans cause was by the Levellers.

Seem to recall 216 (Para) Sig Sqn's training wing using Queen songs for their video on life in the sqn. Hammer will fall was one, One vision and I can't remember the other one (anything you want to tell us lads? :D)

Zombie, by the Cranberries. Bit of funny one this, as I have been told it is pro soldiers, against soldiers and god know what else. Still a good song/video.

Tears don't lie by Marky mark?

Camouflage by (?)

ANd the all time champ.

19 by Peter hardcastle or was it paul?

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