Best Armed Forces

Which Country has the best Armed Forces?

Is it the British, Best soldiers in the world, but with equipment that Action Man wouldnt be proud of
or is it the yanks, Best equipment in the world, but have the same IQ as Action Man?

Personaly I think that it is the British armed forces, but hey, who am i to say.
Happy arguing
chris20069 said:
Which Country has the best Armed Forces?
Monaco! Without a doubt. You should see the way they guard the Casino. The dog's danglies, they are.
And the best thing is - they all fit in one bus! :D :D :D

dont forget the Swiss navy , they are to be feared ! 8)
You are forgetting Luxembourg, a Gucci battalion strength legion of heavily-armed uber-warriors. Their up-armoured Renault Clio is a work of art, and Colonel Luc Du Bois took the Regimental 9mm Luger home this weekend.

Lichtenstein and Monaco are also, reportedly, nails. The Vatican Guard, despite their pyjama-wearing credentials, have yet to train on the new 10mm Halberd. Their old 7.62mm Pikes are pump.

Failing that, the tiny community of Pill (near Bristol) has a die-hard separatist movement, all of whom are trained by the local TA inf. unit and CAMRA. Seriously, they are worth ten US army Ranger battalions, they can drink their body weight in cider.

Vegitius you plonker, the Liechtenstein army was disbanded in 1866 and its soldiers discharged in 1868. Its last remaining soldier died in 1939 aged 95, appearing in uniform right up to his death. At least they kept them on past the 22 year point, which is some good news.
bobos = me thinks you took vegetius's reply a tad serious - anyway that was the liechtensteing navy that disbanded in 1866 when their canoe developed a leak - so get your facts straight - who has the best troops - ill go for capt mannering and the home guard.
My facts are impecable, the Liechtenstein army was disolved by the then government (theirs not ours) in 1866 because the cost was too expensive. They reached an agreeement with Switzerland for them to guard the border, and developed the same level of neutrality as them. Interestingly their banks are more secure than the Swiss (allegedly)


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OSACIN said:
who has the best troops - ill go for capt mannering and the home guard.
Sgt Wilson. Now he is a role model to us all. Not at all like those frightful types who used to shout at me when I was younger. :wink:
I,m going to bed now, as the nurse is coming round. Interestingly the Swiss Guard is the smallest 'army' in the world, deriving from mercenries in the latter centuries, but now numbers 100 soldiers, employed as the official guards of the Pope.
dan_man said:
The Vactican are preaty good in my view, you can beat the Swiss guards.
I wonder what he weapon handling tests are like on the Swiss Army Knife. On looking inside the horse's hoof you see a stone...
It's quite obvious. What highly mobile, resourceful and incredibly violent force is absolutely everyone scared of? It's the REAL TA, england football fans. They can be deployed to any country in a matter of days, are highly dangerous with those plastic chairs, have their own uniform and form of camoflauge (well, it's face painting). The best thing is we don't have to pay them a thing and they can go off and cause international incidents, brilliant!!!

edited to point out that I in no way condone any football related violence and that international incidents aren't particularly brilliant. If you want real footy violence you need to look to italian (facist vs communist) or argie football.

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