Best and Worst

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by johnnyVB, May 16, 2010.

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  1. whats the best and worsst..memories, experiences e.t.c.. the army has given you?

    and is the army what you expected... better, worse?

    looking forward to some good laughs :p
  2. have you been zapped by that pen thing from MiB, and have no memories of your own to laugh at?
  3. Oh, you're joining the stabs, and want to know what a real soldier is all about. Fair one.
  4. I knew that, as a MOD, MiB was clever, but I didn't know he had one of them zappy pen things like Will Smith's got.

    Anyway, back to the subject in hand. This one time in Band Camp right,
  5. No, come on play fair.

    I remember once when the RSM told me to...zzzzzzzzzz
  6. Yes...and?
  7. You need to look here if you want laughs. This is the abuse section.

    Cunt. :desertsoldier:
  8. I once ate 3 sausages in one sitting, it was hilarious, you had to be there.
  9. 3 Sausages? 3 fucking Sausages!! Yeah right you bullshitting bastard and how exactly did you avoid the spatula of doom and the Slop Jockey War cry of "Oi! One Sausage only you Cunt!"?
  10. I once pulled up a sandbag swung the lamp lit my hamlet cigar and nothing at all happened :D
    But I do remember once, back when I was with 33 sqn, while Fat Wal was still in basic errrr !!! Nah forget it, it was sh1t 8O
  11. :D with much difficulty, although I cant disclose to much information about the exact methods used.
  12. The best thing I remember is all the wahs.

  13. edited to add :cnut :)
  14. I think the worst was being issued with WW2 brown boots the first day in recruit training in 1955 and having to make them black with many coats of raven oil then to spit polish them the next night, after my first day in the bull ring, and the best must be the result after five hours of spitting and polishing to be able to see my face in the leather of those b****y previously brown but now black and shiny boots.
  15. Drilling with a .303.When Chalkie's putees started to unravel in front of the CO.
    Oh how we all laughed.