Ok men here is the thread.......
What are the best and worst Wksps/LADs you've served in; say last 10 years??
If you wanna be daring you can tell me the reasons names though eh!!
All the Armoured Regts I served with have been great! not so the 2 RLC ones
Got to be honest that in 13 and a bit years i never really had a bad unit, personal favourites would be CAT(C) BG in Warminster (Harman Lines) and ATDU in Bovvy.

My 2nd Line posting was probably the one i disliked the most, only because of the job, the lads there were good lads as is usually the case with the REME....
Best: BATUS, Reason: It's in CANADA For FS. :D

Worst: 30 Sigs, Reason: Bramcote is Cr*p, LAD ok, but Signals Need i say more :roll:
Small LAD's, attachments are normally the best, spent over four years with an RMP Det and had a great time. Spent time the a Tank Transporter Sqn and can say hand on my heart it was the best bunch of lads I've had the privilege to work with. Now the Artillery, on the other hand are a bunch of lazy f**kwits, and thats just the officers!
Best Armd Inf - Before conversion they want to TAB everywhere and just keep breaking the fcukers, after a year or two they get amongst it and start appreciating the kit and listening to the AIMEEs(sic).

Closely followed by Cav - If you ain't Cav, you ain't. "How dare that smelly, oily, scruffy, council estate Oik touch my Tank"(and thats just the ASM)! In general quite good, some fantastic.

Artillery - Now then where do you start - they ain't Cav and they ain't Inf. The officers don't trust the men and would have breathing inspections if they didn't see the lads walking around, which in turn makes the lads want to skive and keep out of their way. The day I witnessed a battery of AS90s Snurgling in an advance to contact over open sights, was the day I realised needed to get away from these scary people. And in camp lets not go there!

Got to be honest that in 13 and a bit years i never really had a bad unit, personal favourites would be CAT(C) BG in Warminster (Harman Lines) and ATDU in Bovvy.

CAT(C) and ATDU how luckly are you I was at ADTU its great!!!!
worst in 10 years was without a doubt 21 engr regt wksp

reason: oc was a nobber, asm was a nobber and the q man was a nobber.

edited by H_de_T to protect the guilty...
worst unit is without a doubt 13 regt RLC in Colly.
Top 2 of the LAD command structure were (still are) spineless, self obsessed, condecending objects of hatred. Bowed to every request from the trogs.

So did their predecessors.

Airborne trogs should be avoided like brussel sprouts.
Best unit- 32 AER Munsterlager then Hohne
Worst for me by far 4 Bn in Bordon, the "A"hole of the world , full of backstabbing wannabees
If I had to back any unit it must be 1st Line Armoured, with a VM ASM in the hot seat.

2 RTR LAD was a great place to be when I was there and the Regiment hated to cam up on exercise so they got my vote straight away :)
Best: JFLU Falklands, 4 REME guys, 30 odd RAF, getting lashed for fun :D

Worst: 2 Bn REME....... God knows what it's like now, but I bet its pump!
Best: KORBR on WR at Catterick. Simply put - MINT

Worst: RHF in light role in Cambridge. Simply put - CAVEMEN

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