best and worst trade in the RLC?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by nufc_rulz, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. Need a bit of help, i have to pick 3 trades that i would like to do when i join up but i havent got a clue and i was just wondering which trades are good and which ones to stay clear from.

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  2. Look at Chef (higher rate of pay, good civvy quals but 'kin ard work and the entire Army take the p1ss)

    Ammo Tech (Higher rate, better than adequate promotion, rest of RLC don't particularly like the trade, bounty if you pass the course at the moment)

    Petroleum Op (Splendid bunch of lads though now in Tpt Sqns and not as 'free' as they used to be, never by a tank of diesel again, short of man power so working hard)

    Railwayman is open again (biggest train set there is and the civvy train companies might give you a job after - with better pay)

    There is a long list so be open minded, some have advantages of better money and/or better promotion, some have advantages that would be hard to quantify (take the sea faring trades for example - rare but good fun by all accounts). If you don't try to specialise you be swallowed by the treacle of Supplier and Driver trades. Essential as they may be, they are the largest trade groups, have the slower promotion and lower pay rates and there are thousands of them so being noticed for reporting can be difficult.

    Some trades will not be open directly from Basic and you have to specialise when you're at a unit eg Driver Radio Operator, Tank transporter, Staff Car Driver, Victualler, but if you fancy those things be warned that once you are in a trade they will fight to convince you to stay in it. Same applies about re-trading. If you get into something and it's arrse you could re-trade but it slows your carrer a bit as you start again.

    Best of luck wherever you end up(........ah, like lambs to slaughter!)
  3. I am in the same boat. I scored a 74 on my BARB test and now have to choose a path to follow. I want to go Engineers or REME but am not sure which jobs would be better paid or which would be better option for a career. I am looking at design draughtsman or aviation tech/instruments tech or IT/Comms. It is all very confusing. I have read all the info on the internet site but I still think a little inside info would be better to help me decide.
    :? :?
  4. yeh thats what i was trying to do because i think its better if you actually speak 2 people who are doing the jobs because there more likely to tell you the truth than the AFCO
  5. hansie350

    def go for draughtsman of tech in REME. Have you thought of tech in Sigs also? Ammo Tech is good fun but not alot when you get out and only really anything for long timers. REME, RE and Sigs tech quals mean you can get out at any time and go into civvy street with a head start.

    20/20 hindsight is great cos i would of done one of the above and not AT!!!

    good luck
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    If you do join the RLC transfer to Photographer later on, it isn't direct entry.

    They seem to get some cushty postings, loads of gucci kit and always seem to do the "bit on the side" glamour/wedding shoots. ;) Know what I mean?
  7. I thought you wanted RLC trades, sorry. The army is your oyster for trades, just pick one with civ quals and a direct start.
  8. Don't be a chef, whatever you do. After ten years now things have gone from bad to worse. All the experienced chefs have had enough and buggered off, leaving the army to fill (some of) the gap with a bunch of kids from around the commonwealth who can't talk English and couldn't care less. Having said that, if you enjoy working every weekend, getting abuse from pissed up squaddies all the time, getting four days off a month and regularly working til 4 in the morning during the Christmas season without extra pay, then sign the line my friend, you'll go far! In fact, you can take my place, I've had enough!
  9. Don't go for Ammo Tech and I will give you one good reason to avoid. If you pass the course but a few years down the line don't like it for whatever reason you will have a problem. It was policy to allow and encourage people to stay in the Army even if it meant supporting them in changing trade or cap badge. The RLC once again is doing its own thing. Two ATs have just asked for a change of trade to Systems Analyst. They have both been refused on the grounds that the AT trade as a Pinch Point Trade can't afford for them to go. AT was once a trade that saw nearly everyone reach the 22 year point. Now it is becoming almost normal to see people leave who only have a few years left to serve. In short it is not a very happy trade at the moment and unlikely to change. Once you have qualified, if this were your chosen route, then your options are few if you don't like it.

    If I were joining as a young teen I think I would be opting for the Inf. Have some fun and travel. Think about a trade when you want to settle down.
  10. Of course you can drive a Tank Transporter in the Infantry and you can also fly a heliciopter, drive a staff car and sail a boat.....................not necessarilly lies, just slight bents on the truth....although you'll have to look deep.

    Ah, The Recruiting Sergeant!.........and honourable man indeed!
  11. This trade is being disbanded. got that from the mouth of the DRLC and Corps RSM. So not so cushy for long
  12. Chill out pal you seem to have issues.

    he trade is not that bad. Lets face it with all the useless TW*ts in our trade its easy to shine. I have done seven years, just picked up Sgt. The unit i am with only works a four day week, and its the most operational unit in the British army. In three years with them, all i have done is a six week Ex in gib. And one Regt ex every year. We spend lots of time on Adventure Training as a department. Etc. With out going on about it All the units i have been posted to have been great. Handwork sometimes but fun.

    Aim to the game, keep away from large RLC units, keep away from garrisons, and do your best to keep away from big field units.

    Medics, AAC, Sigs, Engineers and loads more are all good
  13. RLC Photographer trade is not to be disbanded.

    If the trade I am currently training for is to be disbanded then the army is wasting it time training guys for the trade, there is a selection on in October. Any queries contact DSOP at RAF Cosford. Dont listen to the Corps RSM speak to the Master Photographer or the MCM Desk.

    It also one of the hardest trades to get into in the RLC as you have to be a very good soldier first and a very good photographer second. You have to be better than the press photographers as most of the shots from OP Telic were taken by army photographers. See the army benelovent fund website.
  15. Do yourself a favour, go in the Infantry for a few years then transfer. There's nothing wrong with the RLC (I spent 16 years in the RAOC) but I often wished I'd have gone in my local regiment then transfered. I did try to transfer when I got to my first posting, Bicester...nuff said, all I got was a bollocking and an hour's close quarter drill "to wake my Ideas up" lol. If you decide to join the RLC go for AT, apart from anything else the pay is better than most trades.