Best and worst TA units you have served with


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What are the best and worst TA units you have served in or with and where does your current unit come in?

For me the best TA units I have served in were 1 Wessex and 78 Fortress Regt RE. The worst I have served with have been The Ambulance Train Group and SUOTC.

My current unit lies somewhere inbetween.



best - Royal Wilts Yeomanry, superb bunch of guys, very little bull sh!t and high standards.. don't really want to name and shame my prev units, one just didn't suit me... and whilst the people in my 1st unit were crackin, the training and organisation was shite.
Jury's still out on who I'm with now, but they seem to be shaping up well!


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5 Queens - outstanding in their time. High standards, trained hard, drank harder.

Pity they got shat on, renamed, merged, decentralised, health and safetied, closed down, merged again and the fcuked up the backside.



81 Sig Sqn

Traveled far and wide, worked hard, drank lots......

Was only in one other unit and their was nothing wrong with that one, but just not as good.


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Editted as I can't bring myself to bitch about any other unit.

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