OK - we've had the worst badge men, now do the units......

Any starters...?


The old one in Osnabruk or the new one in NI?
38 Regt in Ripon a couple of years back - after Gr*m**aw had left as CO. Next boss was top bloke - and badge man pretty good too. Went from there down to 22 in Tidworth in 2002, and went to probably worst RE unit I've ever been in. CO was one of those slimy ambitious types, hated by everyone who is only after self promotion. Think he got sent to Kabul - best place for him. Real t*sser.

Otherwise all my units have been pretty good - even Osnabruk!
77 in Munsterlager from 88 to 92 best ever, some of the best SSM's I’ve ever had the privilege to serve under.

48 in Waterbeach worst ever.
39 was and still is the best imho, like cdn_spr says.
The worst? Dunno.. Probably one of the BFG units, or Training Regts...
:D 28 amphibious wksp's, early to mid 80s, best sqn bar(and when or if it shut it would be down to the bathtub) or a close second would be the bar at 33 ind fd sqn RE, antrim in the late 70s.(well the sqn bar followed by a trip to the other end of the camp to the chogy shop for a grease burger).
yes i know they are squadrons, but one was independent, and the other was a REME attachment.
the scary thing is i've only just noticed that the social side (or the sqn bar and those who frequent it) play a big part in my opinion.
Anyone know the whereabouts of SSM Mick Anderson of the Antrim Sqn?I would like to contact him
26 engr regt. Dumped next to 22, they dont even get a new camp cause the budget wont stretch, the singlies accomadation is still temporary 5 years down the line, lumbered with bowman, plenty of shit exercises, back to back tours, no morale, fucked around from pillar to post, 8 aes has a 20% sign off rate. It's ******* great there. :x
You are all sad, boring bastards. Get a life and do some real work rather than spunking it off building your bars in every op theatre and whinging about health and safety.

Fcuk me, somebody needs a hug :!: Is there anything wrong with looking after yourselves on tour by making yourselves good recreational facilities? Didn't think so. Health and Safety, well it is a pain in the arrse however we try not to loose many blokes in stupid accidents because they are highly skilled tradesman who have had thousands of pounds invested in them as oppossed to whoever you are with where the training lasts three months and whoes man power can be replaced easily. As for wasting time you are a bit of a hipocrite because you're on here wasting time anyway. SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARRSE YOU W A N K E R :twisted:
Many apologies, just wasting time and doing a little baiting. :oops:

H and S is very important and a necessary evil. And you are right about the need to make yourself comfortable, but sometime you do kick the ARRSE out of it.

Think I hit a nerve. If you had a moderator, I would apologise to them. I think the RE do a great job......... for a Corps. :wink:

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