Best and worst Regiments of the RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by sarge_massage_my_passage, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Some users of the site have asked questions about future postings using questions such as, "What is this Regiment like?" For example.

    Other Corps, such as the REME, have a wall of shame for their different units (Link).

    I was thinking that we Loggies should have something similar, but not just a shame wall, a praise wall also to help some observors get a grasp of potential postings. This includes units where RLC are attached (so pretty much every unit in the British Army, but you get the idea).

    Please remember PERSEC/OPSEC rules and try not to rant about individuals, rather the Regiment in question as a whole.
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    Oh, and P.S. - For you older and balder members, we don't want to hear about what 6 RAOC was like in the 1980's, we hear enough of how glorious they were and how the RCT produced 'real drivers' at work.

    Let's keep it current.
  3. a 6 month attachment to the veh troop in batus 06. best summer to date.
    worst 7 tpt regt in bielefeld, it started of really good and with the constant changes in the hierachy went down hill rapidly, though have been informed that it is getting better now but not convinced
  4. They have all been great with the exception of 6 Bn REME which was truly pump!
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, I always hate going here. Always a fun attachment for the hated Movers.
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    I enjoyed 1 GS for a couple of years from 2001, but then a new regime changed all the fun, it was needed tho as the constant drinking/fighting/shagging culture was getting out of hand.

    I went to 7 Regt for my MPC, 5 weeks were enough for me!

    A stint with 13AA was decent too, if you avoided 63 sqn that is!
  7. Scottish Tpt Regt, bunch of walts
    haha i can talk
  8. 3 and 4 lsr regt are probably are the top of joint worst, any other regt has to be a bonus from them.
  9. I met a chap once who told me that 1 LSR and then 2 LSR were the pinnacle of RLC posting.

    Oh how I laughed, until I realised he was serious.

    (I am not RLC and if these are the best I feel sorry for those who have to serve elsewhere - this is not a comment on the capability of RLC tradesmen - but a reflection of the officers that lead them)

    LocStat Digging a large hole for protection from incoming
  10. come on 27 reg aldershot has got to be the BEST.
  11. 7 Regt was fantastic when I was there!!
    Have never had a bad Unit, only one bad Boss!!!
  12. That place, at the time, almost broke me.

    A fine regiment since.
  13. Surely the best & worst list should be very dynamic and fluid? All it can take is the change of one SSM or the CO and suddenly the place doesn't seem so bad.

    This happened to me at (What was then) 4 GS Regt. The Sqn came back from Bosnia and within a year had both the SSM & OC change over from complete knobbers to pretty good blokes. Even though both were ex-RCT types, it suddenly felt like the Supply elements weren't just 'handbags' that needed to be tolerated. They galvanised the Sqn, focused everyone and it turned out to be a excellent place to work. The rest of the Regt were, on the whole de-moralised and run by arrogant arrse's, but the SSM's and OC's loyalty to the guys kept us away from all that.

    So it would probably be more apt to run 2 polls; one for guys in the unit they're voting about, for a current view; and another for past units once they've left and moved on. Would may give a more comprehensive and current outlook??
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  14. E SQN by per chance i was one of them
  15. 11 Reg...

    Both :x