Best and Worst RD/RS/soon to be Tech Support Specialist???


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Come on all you Reems, best and worst, from all the REME training establishments and Battalions over the years. Give the poor RS a good send off and make people feel better or worse about themselves!!!

"I've got all night, my wife has a microwave, my dog walks itself, I eat salads.....etc etc, I DO NOT HAVE TO GO HOME !
8 (Basic Trade) Training Batalion REME, Norton Manor Camp, Bishops Lydeard , Taunton . Somerset. was a great place to do trade training and the CSM D Coy WOII (Andy) Smallpage was a gentleman of the highest order but not a man to take liberties with.

Another outstanding RD man was WOII (Malc) Tulley who was CSM 50 Command Wksp and later I believe Corps RSM.
Hi Craftsmanx,
I would just like to say I agree with you Andy Smallpage was my Mentor and on occassions my tormentor, you may remember he had a son born in Taunton 1959, well that was me I am Andy Smallpage or Andrew Charles Smallpage, Andy as you knew him was actually Charles Andrew Smallpage.
Unfortunateley he passed away in 2009 after a long illness,(God rest his soul) I was glad to see members of the REME association at his funeral but none from the old grey horse society which he was a keen member of.
On occasions he would talk about our military experiences, I loved his stories about "when I were a lad son" I actually remember him talking about people he served with Malc Tulley was one of them.
Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words of yet another departed old soldier Gone but never forgotten we will remember them.

Thank you Sir you have made me very proud to be his son.

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