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Discussion in 'RLC' started by luvin_lyf36, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. [/b]what has been your best and worst posting?
    my best posting is cyprus, im currently on my 2nd tour here and my worst posting has got to be shape in belgium, family werent happy there and after about 6 months there i was sick of it. has anyone else had a another tour to somewhere you have already been?
  2. All of my tours have been good ones..

    I am still a strong believer of "A posting is what you make it". Of course there are better places to be than others. However what annoys me is current state of affairs with people slagging off everywhere they go.

    Get a pair and get out if you can't adapt to your surroundings!

    PS... Gald you're enjoying cyprus, I hope it fcukin rains (jealousy)

  3. Has to be BATUS. Two years doing adventure training and eating big steaks. Plus i managed to get rid of an unwanted wife.
  4. Ord Depot Antwerp 89-92. Top place, Top people, Top posting.
  5. cyprus 90 great place
  6. Netley 1975, didn`t even know I was there, fcuking barking at the time!!!
    " It`s so nice to be insane,no fcuker asks you to explain!!!"
  7. Bunde April 77 - May 77 worst
    Bunde June 77 - April 83 Best

    hated bunde when i first got there, then it twigged and was the best
  8. Thinking of joining the RLC is it possible to get posted in spain or portugal ?
  9. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    worst Bulford all 3 times best units though AMFL

    best shrewsbury well I am old

  10. Most RLC get posted to Barbados or if your unlucky, the Costa Del Sol...on the first posting that is.
  11. Best 50th Missile Regt RA Menden late 80s,

    Worst PRB Gutersloh (Not the Unit I was with just the Barracks)
  12. Was Bunde your actual posting or was that your quarter area? I take it that was a Signals Posting back then as I was attached to 1 DIV in Herford 5 Years ago and no Bunde well? Did there used to be a Signals Regt out of Herford near to Bad Salzlufen?
  13. After a post like this I'd normally be loathe to slag off any posting, but one that springs instantly to mind is Londonderry, Ebrington Barracks. A shithole to the bitter end.
  14. Bunde was my actual posting, 33 sqn RCT, part of the old 2 ADTR, we were co located in Birdwood Barracks, with 2 Div Signal Regiment.

    I know there were a number of memebers of 7 sigs from herford quartered in Bunde at the time but I was single at the time so didnt get into the pad areas much.
  15. Worst - 6 Surprise Regt PRB Gutersloh

    Best - BATUS, by a country mile!