Best and worst nitespots

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by moogee, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Every Army town has its local meat market - some are crap with warm beer and cold chicks, others have hot chicks and cold beer. Any undiscovered gems would be appreciated as would places to avoid. ( i see an opportunity to stitch up !!!!). Discuss with photographic evidence !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The Night Owl outside Tenby, by Penally camp is particularly shite...and Welsh were that not probably tautology...
  3. Worst - what used to be Sammys in Loughborough - did a reggie book out in there in ?1985? if not mistaken. Full of loughborough university types as well, the cause of most mil / civvy dust ups.
  4. J_D

    J_D LE

    The Mill, between Arborfield and Earley.
  5. Stickys in Amesbury.
  6. Q CLub in Bordon.

    They raise the price of the beer, when the strippers are in (Tuesday Night I think).
  7. Can we just confirm that this place is in your 'worst' list?
    Isn't it called 501s now?


  8. The Chevron, above Burtons in Abergavenny. Lots of steps to fall down if you get kicked out!
  9. Agree, Sindlesham Mill between Arborfield and Earley. Definitely.
  10. Oh dear god yes! In the seventies/eighties it used to be full of Iranian students. One evening several of them thought it was funny to squirt people with a water pistol. The joke lasted approximately three seconds after he had squirted all over my new silk tie. Then he was chinned and all hell broke loose. Classic FIBAC engagement. Luckily the doormen hated the Iranians as much as we did....
  11. Its been knocked down now but who remembers ''STAX'' in catterick you could not fail with all those COLBURN commandos single mum central .Emmas in Gosport was also a classic place , but the best pulling joint has to ''HARRY'S '' in Weymouth class night out and always get a shag .
  12. Oh dear, must be as old as me!
  13. Definatly in the worst list (yet I always end up going there).

    Not sure about the name. Haven't been in a while. Next time I'll be there is February (Armourer Optical Repair Level 2 woohoo).
  14. I must be old I remember Stax when it was called the scorpion which was affectionately known to all Catterick squaddies as Scabs with Sammy your friendly doorman guaranteed a scrap and a shag in the same night
  15. The Gravel Pit in Monchengladbach :lol: Utter Gash!