Best and worst historical portrayal.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ivan_the_tolerable, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. With the recent conclusion of the series "The Tudors". I don,t think that Jonathan Rhys Meyers portrayal of a rather light weight Henry the eighth will win him or the series producers much critical acclaim from the likes of Messers Schama and Starkie.

    We also have the latest Sparta offering with "Gods of the arena" which IMHO despite bucket loads of CGI blood and full frontal nudity is,nt a patch on the Rome series by HBO which also had generous offerings of both.

    With that in mind, What is the best and worst portrayal on film or TV of a historical period, character or event, fictional or otherwise?

    I particularly rated Robert Carlyles uber tyrannical James the first in Jimmy Mcgoverns "Gunpowder treason and plot" even though i,m sure some dramatic licence was applied. Whilst i especially disliked Mel Gibsons blue faced peasant hero corruption of William Wallace.
  2. Wait until you see Russel Crow as "Robin Hood" complete bollux, with 13th century landing craft FFS, I have not seen the film but I watched the filming of the landings at Freshwater West,
  3. Barbarossa Siege Lord - THE worst movie I've ever seen, acting was cack and it just made me cringe - watched about 20 mins then could'nt watch anymore.
  4. i think "The Killing Fields" as the most true and "Bravehart" as the worst, did Waliace shag the kings wife? however the bit on the horse before the battle is the best example of QBO's iv seen on TV
  5. Robin Hood was historical? Well I never. I was under the impression he was mythical.

    'Uck me, and I thought the Oirish were the masters of turning myth into history and history into myth.
  6. I believe the relatives of Private Henry Hook were particularly incensed at the way this exemplary soldier was portrayed as a drunken malingerer at the Premiere screening of Zulu and walked out half way through in disgust.
  7. The way the Titanic bloke was shown shooting people and being generally terrible aparently didn't go down well either. Never seen most of the film though, just the bit with Kate Winslet getting her bangers out.

    Anything with Mel Gibson - The Patriot, Braveheart, Gallipoli. All utter historical bollocks.
  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    She's supposed to be the heir's wife, Isabella. Only if he snatched her from her cradle. She was about 10 and not yet married when Wallace was executed
  9. Roger Godberd?
  10. The utter bollocks gung-ho ending of We Were Soldiers. They only filmed half the book, completely ignored the fiasco at LZ Albany and portrayed what was a costly draw for the Cav as a massive, against the odds victory.
  11. And yet again, most of us Mortals will only be able to watch the film, but, of course, Troppers done more than anyone else, he was actually coincidently on-site during the landings. I suppose he also produced, directed, advised....................................
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed that anything Gibson has directed or produced will veer from veracity like a Castleshortt caught in the headlights.

    Personally, I found U-571 the most unmitigated waste of two good hours of my life, hours which could quite easily have been spent drilling pencils into my bored eyeballs and realising that I had spent my time constructively for surely I could claim a lifetime's Drain on Society allowance off the council.
  13. Zulu with all those "welsh" soldiers? The 24th was identified as the "South Wales Borderers", but in 1879 the regiment was the 2nd Warwickshire. It did not become a Welsh regiment until 1881.
  14. But the Regiment had been based recruiting in Brecon since 1873, and thus had a large amount of Welshmen in it, Men of Harlech did not become the regimental march until 1881 but Harlech is in Caernarvonshire an area with no connection to the regiment
  15. No but Freshwater West is one of the best Bass fishing beaches in Wales, and everyone knows Robin Hood was a Sergent in the 17/21st Lancers in the 1970s