Best and Worst Curry houses?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Henry_Tombs, Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. Considering I have had some really sh1t curry's in recent times I was pleasently surprised in Brookwood the other night at the "Mogul".
    Had something that purported to be of South African origin and it was bloody good. Also had a couple of their Nepalese dishes last month when staying at Bisley they too were above par.

    The last shite one I had was in Gosport, had I been pissed I may well have thought about torching the fcuking place. The bad news is the name of it escapes me so I can't warn off other Arrrse members from wasting their money or their bile!

    Wots your favourite curry house?
  2. We discovered one in Canterbury called TIA in Castle Street, best one we've had in years. :)
  3. Er That one across from the Europa hotel in Belfast, just up the road from that fancy oldy world pub.
  4. By far the worst curry I have ever had in a restaurant was in a place called the "Himalaya" in Portsmouth in 1991. We all commented at the time how shite the place was, and I was amused to see an article in an in-flight magazine a few years later, listing the 10 worst restaurants in the UK. It was number 4 I think.
  5. The best one Ive ever eaten at is in Holywood and its called the Bokara.
    worst one is in bangor and its called the bokara.

    best ever in the world is the India Club in Hong Kong, that is how a curry should be.
  6. I had a truly crap curry only a few weeks ago, when a party of about 20 people from work went to the Raj in Stamford. We were in the 'function room', which nestles on the second floor, just past the storerooms.

    The staff had managed not only the complex skill of ensuring that when we had drink we had no food, and when we had food we had no drink, but also contrived to pay us so little heed that a messenger had to be sent dowstairs whenever we needed something special, like ordering food or asking that the starter dishes be cleared away.

    The chef's skills included making every curry taste the same, and being able to produce only 3 dishes at any one time, so that the first 3 people had finished eating by the time the next 3 got their food. I call it food, but this may be significantly over-egging the pudding. My curry was so tasteless it could have been produced by MoD's finest Mess contractor. Though it seemed to be the right colour and texture, it appeared to be entirely devoid of spices and flavour.

    I could not recommend it, even as a curry-house of last resort.
  7. The Shapla Tandoori in Ludlow is excellent. The worst one I can remember was that shite-hole by the old WW1 tank in Ashford. Yech.
  8. For a takeaway then it has to be the Khanas Stan in North Camp, Aldershot and for a sit down gut busting experience it's the Everest in the same place.
  9. msr

    msr LE


    Spicy Hut, Rusholme,
    Gurkha Grill, Didsbury
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  10. The absolute best: Laguna, Nottingham a short walk from the castle.

    The worst, the absolute worst - I agree with Chickenpunk - the shoitehole next to the tank in Ashford - but it had the edge over that appauling Chinese across the road.
  11. Amesbury Tandoori :p
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  12. The worst for me has to be Humphs on camp in Blandford. They started off quite good, and have worked hard to be awful ever since. The sooner their arrses are kicked off camp the better.

    The best ruby i've had in a while is from the Simla, also in Blandford opposite the Crown and Anchor. Its recently been done out and the food and service is brilliant.

  13. Also try the one at Larkhill (used to be Lindys Cafe) and the "Asia" in Fisherton Street Salisbury is pretty good.

    Any reports out there from Bulford?
  14. The place opposite the tank used to be quite good. It was the Chinese opposite which set out the seagull-traps on the roof at night, and had a cat-free-zone of at least 500m around it.
  15. If you're ever in Inverness DON'T got to the Shapla which is by the river Ness.

    I got Salmonella food poisoning out of there and was bedridden, and I mean bedridden, for 3 weeks. My stomach has never been the same since and I catch anything that's gastric as easy as breathing.

    You have been WARNED!!!!

    Having said that there are some cracking ones in Dingwall and Beauly, about 12 and 10 miles away respectively, which regularly win local awards.
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