Best and worst cookhouses

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by messed_up, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. so, the scoff monster at gib has retired or died :?: precious thread and its safe to return to the hot plate...

    but whats your best and worst cookhouse?
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Camp Bombsteel (Spelling?) Kosovo and ATR Bassingborne
  3. Worst is definately Kitchener Bks, Chatham

    and the best

    is any RAF station cookhouse, probably RAF leuchars in scotland.
  4. Best Overseas - CFB Wainwright
    Best UK - As before, any RAF Camp, but I took a particular shine to RAF St Mawgan.

    Worst Overseas- Probably BATUS once the battlegroups arrive
    Worst UK - Easy, either of the Chatham cookhouses.
  5. ....Like the thread!

    I agree with CoJ...RAF tops...who else would put wine on the table for Wednesday lunch!!!!!

    Antrim was good....10 Sqn was good, especially when camping!(Big thanks to T** W***** and D*** W*********)

    ...the old addage still applies....

    "what's in the pies chef ?"
    Reply..." I'm a cook not a f*ckin detective!"

    All the best fellas

    NIGHTRAINED.....get a grip ya numpty!!!!!!!
  6. Worst has got to be BATUS..spent a fecking fortune at the gag & puke & The Falklands when the RIC were the Gurkhas..bloody curry every single bast*rd day
    Best is anywhere that all the chefs are army trained and not some civi gimp tossing egg flipper
  7. Any cookhouse that the Army doesn't run.
  8. Kitchener Barracks, without a shadow of doubt (if it's the same as it was a few years ago that is). The scoff there was absolutely fcuking gopping, the place stank and the mong civvies had no pride whatsoever in their work. Suprised it wasn't sorted out years ago and can only assume that the manager has embarrassing photos of each successive QM...

    On the plus side, I did once manage to break into the place through the chimney and liberate some cakes!
  9. Best - Brize Norton

    Worst - 11 Sigs, Blandford
  10. Do you think theyll do PAYD in the Gag and Puke :D

    Best was Roberts Bks cookhouse in the late 80's, top chefs who let you come in for Brunch and throw your own Steak on to cook ( everything pre ordered and cooked how you liked t whilst you recovered from the night before. Dusty D and Sam top chefs who always brought down the food for the friday afternoon p*ss up in the LAD and served breakfast in the back of the fitter truck when we worked late.

    Worst has got to be Bordon, with a close run Claro bks Ripon second worst.
  11. Worst = Ripon
    Best = Any RAF Camp
  12. familiar pattern arising regarding RAF scoff houses i see chaps.

    one of the best i have encountered has to have been 25 ER (Antrim)

    worst possibly 35 ER in the 80's p1sh poor at times (most of the)
  13. Worst Chickrell camp, Weymouth and ATR Bassingbourn. No surprise there run by civvie chefs.

    Best: Have to say maidstone, however, it's the only place i've dined with the new PAYD.
  14. THEY ARE or THEY'RE maybe :?: :x :?: :x

    try here N_T, you look like you need the help :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  15. Worst: HMS Excellent, Whale Island, Pompey

    Best: Anyplace the military chefs are left alone to do their job and there are no civvy contractors...