Best and Worst car your parents owned?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by TheBigUn, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Inspired by "Unusual items your parents hit you with?" thread it got me thinking about some of the cars my dad owned.

    When he wasn't hitting me with a wet fish he was out buying dodgy motors.

    There were some true shockers.

    Worst by far was a DAF 44 Variomatic


    Best was a Triumph 2500 PI


    Some of the others were shocking too: a Datsun Cherry, Morris Oxford and an Austin Maxi to name but a few.

    What cars were you embarrassed to be transported in as a child?
  2. Worst, a toss up between a string on Mk2 Cortina's and a Morris Marina Coupe
    Best, would have to be dads Rover P6 V8
  3. Worst:- Riley Elf

    Best:- Saab 900 GLS
  4. Talbot Horizon in dissentry brown.

    Hillman Avenger GT in white with vinyl roof.
  5. Worst was the Austin Maxi; best probably the Jag XJS.
    However, as my grandfather worked for Rolls Royce, as a kid got to travel in a range of Rolls Royce and Bentleys.
  6. Worst: Morris Marina (old mans c/car)
    Best: The Ford Cortina that followed it, well it couldn't get any worse than the marina 8O

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  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Don't know about best or worse but we went from a MK1 Escort in 1978 to an Austin Princess
    As a young kid what a car
    Nice and high on the back seat comfy suspension and ahead of it's time
    Nothing ever went wrong with it either (amazingly for BL)

    As an aside in those days my dad was like an one man Grand Prix team I remember engine changes on the Escorts (a MK 2 aswell) just done on the drive

    Plenty of cars and plenty of scrappies by the time he gave it to me it was like triggers broom
  8. Parents didn't own a car,neither drove.So imagine my delight when my sis got one of them blue invalid cars.

    They regularly broke down and I had to go and fetch it back home for her,fcukin great fun,all at the age of 15.

    The co-ordination you needed to drive them was incredible,Steven Hawkins would never have got off the fcukin start line if he'd had one.
  9. not only did i have to put up with the shame of my dad driving one of these lumps of crap,


    but on my 16th birthday he threw me the keys and with a 'like your present???' as he was just heading off in the range rover he just got himself...........

    christ i still fekin hate him.

    but at least it was a deposit on a V8 holden :)
  10. Dad was a company director at rolls royce cars in Crewe so had loads of lifts in rolls royces and bentleys but the first company car i remember him having was a princess when he was a manager, wrote the bugger off on a holiday both front and rear!!
  11. a shittey brown coloured Austin Allegro...oh the embarresment :(
  12. One of the best car my father owned was a Toyota landcruiser
  13. Yes :(
  14. Best Hunter GT so good I took it over when he upgraded.

    Worst motor bike and sidecar combo, not one of those dangerous looking coffin shaped sidecars but more like a fecking great plastic greenhouse.
  15. I looked through the posts first and thought fcuk me ... parents owned them? I've owned some of these my worst being a Mk3 Cortina followed by a blue Avenger with black vinyl roof to my best being the current XJS.

    But the best car my parents owned was either the brand new Zodiac that my sister took the rear door off in the first week (opening it before the car had come to a stop or, more importantly, before the car had passed the lamp post) or it was the succession of Moggy Minor estates which still make me smile when I see them on the road. His worst is probably the 20+ year old Sierra estate which he still drives ... and goes on and on and on and on ...