Best alternative for MTP issue trousers?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Wildstabinthedark, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. I'm looking to buy a set of rip-stop Multicam trousers and wanted to know if anyone has tried the following and if so, what they thought of them.

    1. Cyre Precision field pants (not the SF ones with external knee pads - ally but excessively waltish IMHO).
    2. Arc'teryx LEAF TALOS pants.
    3. Blackhawk!(?) HPFU pants (the set without built in tornies).

    I know they're pricey and yes, there's nothing wrong with the issue MTP, but I want a hard wearing set too.

  2. Wont you be slightly pissed if you ripped an expensive pair of trousers on exercise? Surely you can just get a pair of PCS/ S95 trousers modified for slightly less. (At the tailors shop down in HQ Land Forces there were a set of PCS being tailored!?)
  3. I take your point but a: that's what over priced kit insurance is for and b: i'm rather not have a bergen lid sown into the arrse of my pants or what ever the tailors at Army HQ do...:) so.... grateful if anyone has any experience of the above trousers.
  4. Crye Field.
    They have internal knee pads. Very well made.

    Archteryxmnm are WAYYYYYYYYYY overpriced.
  5. Thanks. Ref Arcteryx, you know if you sign up to their LEAF program (serving mil only) you get 40% off?
  6. You know if you go to the clothing store you can exchange your worn out kit...
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  7. Mega, thanks. You were better trolling the TA thread.
  8. They're your beertokens, brah.
  9. Someone can smell bounty on the wind....
  10. That's what you're spending your bounty on??
  11. No. Fcuking. Way. Questions?
  12. No mate, thoroughly comprehensive answer!

  13. I was worried it might be a bit ambiguous for some forum users. Not yourself, obviously!
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  14. I don't like coconut.
  15. I'd still go for Crye.

    Even with 40% that a lorra money.
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