best ale for the morning after gas attack

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mucus, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. my votes on 6x, right good the morning after the night before.
    puts the dog to shame it does :twisted:
  2. As a remedy or a cause?
  3. Depends how bad it was and how many died.
    If it was just a few dozen Carling would be fine but if it was nightmare scenario then a crate of Stellas would not go amiss.
  4. I always find a kebab does more for the morning after fruity aroma than ale ever does.
  5. It takes 193 seconds to lay the perfect Guiness log hence leaving you with an arrse like a Marmite pot
  6. 6 x always a winner however:

    I was sent to JHQ G3 Ops to assist in GRANBY work. keen to make the right impression I attempted to have an early night in B Mess. Got lost in my new surroundings and found the bar. Had one Dortmunder, then another and after a fair few, went to the allotted bunk.

    The next day was sheer hell, both for me ( trying to keep quiet) and for those in my office (when the quiet ones escaped).

    Moral of the story - only drink Dortmunder when on desert island.
  7. Couldn't agree more woop, a dozen of Joshua Tetleys finest and a Kebab with extra chillies ensures there is a mushroom cloud over my house the following morning 8O
  8. oh yes, i was forgetting the delights of northern england.
    women are nice and dirty up there as well, in a nice non vd riddled way :twisted:
  9. Try London Pride, Abbot Ale, Hobgoblin and Goliath, Woopert!
    Follow that with a kebab :lol: 8)
  10. from years back, i also recall bombardier giving a good scent early in the morning, but dropping off by scoff time. nice though.
    as they say, you are what you guff :twisted: