Best airport and public transport link to Rheindahlen BFPO 40.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Blanco Bill, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. I attended Queens School, Rheindalen BFPO 40, in the 1950s. The school will close next year (15th July)and I would like to have a last look around before it closes. Which would be the best airport to travel to from Stanstead or East Midlands? I will then need to get public transport to Rheindahlen. Does anybody know if the YMCA is still on the camp for overnight accommodation or a local hotel?
  2. Blanco, I would say Koln or Dusseldorf woulkd suit then train to stn closest to camp. If it is still open then there is the church house which was a lodging facility for us eof service pers and families and guests.
  3. Thanks Ayrforce1, Now getting onto the camp. When I was attending school there there were no guard posts you simply wandered onto the site, probably not now though. Do you think my passport will get me past Army security?
  4. Hi Bill, it's a shame you took so long to pop your head above the parapet, as I was an ex-queens brat in 1969-72. And as far as I'm concerned those were the best years of my life. There are a number of web sites which have numbers of ex-Queens and Kent (which was eventually amalgamated with queens and the whole shooting match amalgamated with Windsor, which is what it is called these days) on them and if you PM me I will give you details.
    I say a shame because we had a fantastic reunion at the school about 10 years or so ago, met up with loads of ex pupils had a guided tour around the school by the current head (at that time) who turned out to be an ex-queens brat herself. We also had a tour of JHQ and a nice speech about BAOR and its future. There are ongoing reunions the next one is next year, as this years was held last month. And whilst there is no guarantee of making contact with your past, everybody there is an ex-queens brat who knows exactly what that loss means to you.
    As you say the camp is shutting down next year, so getting on JHQ, shouldn't be a problem as you won't be the first or last returnee for that one last time, so passport should do, perhaps a photo driving licence to backup your UK address as well?
    Getting to BAOR is a doodle, fly to Dussledorf, then get the underground metro link to the Dussledorf hauptbahanhoff, that costs a few euros, so try and have some cash with you, you get a ticket on the platform. When you get to the railway station, you need a ticket to Munchycrunchy (Monchengladback). This time you can use the machine or the ticket office. Upon arrival at Munchycrunchy it's still the No 24 bus (helpfully labeled JHQ). Outside the front of the railway station. There is no YMCA on camp and the nearest one is some hike from the camp, however if you are that keen out the back gate and follow the signs. Best though is to stay in a hotel either in Munchycrunchy or any of the surrounding villages. Just look up a map sort out a few villages and google them for hotel advice.
    What you should really do is log onto one of the two websites and see who if any is planing a return for the endex and perhaps plan the mother and father of all reunions. Besides which there are lots of photographs of the school back in the old days.
    In the mean time don't forget friends reunited as they have lots and lots of names of those who went to Queens when it was still called queens
  5. Robbeaus, thanks for that. I was at Queens from June 1958 till April 1960. We were stationed at RAF Wildenrath at the time.
  6. You old feckers. I went to the infant school when it was two rooms in a nissen hut at the York drive end of Queens Avenue, 1963. Then I was one of the first pupils in when they built the new one down on the corner of Salmond Road and Queens Ave. Later I went to Windsor Boys School in Hamm after doing the rounds of various BFES schools in the middle east and far east.
  7. Croydon used to be a good airport.
    Not that i can remember.