If you could go back in time and speak to yourself just before you started Phase 1 what advice and information would you have shared and what would that be???

Any experiences taht you could share and help out te recruits would be a great advantage and settle peoples concerns.

Keep your ears open, mouth shut and don't back-chat the DS.
Take an Iron and Ironing board.

How we laughed at the lads who turned up on day 1 week 1 with the aformentioned items only to be green with envy 2 weeks later when their kit gets done first and their down in the Naafi or getting their heads down whilst we're still fighting over the 1 Iron and board in each room...


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Make sure you know how to iron clothes properly without double creasing.

Be fit when you arrive.

Do not listen to the walts who join up with you - they will all fall by the wayside because they are tossers.

Don't think to hard about how hard it all seems in the first few days. You might wonder what you are doing there at times but do not dwell on it. It is all worth it in the end.

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