Best adverts of 2005

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dominus-Mortis, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Being the grumpy cynical b@stard that I am, I find most of the sh1te offered up on TV these days better watched whilst off my t1ts on seroxat. A lot of the time you hear "the adverts are better than the programmes"; too bl00dy right they are.

    So, what was your favorite advert?

    Post a link to the ad's site if you can (a lot of the popular adverts have their own sites these days) or your best description.

    My contender is the Sony Bravia advert, visually stunning and very soothing (when the seroxat has worn off :wink: ). Really good for me as it contains no tw@tty celebrities and pretentious taglines. (and no fecking CGI either)

    Link here Bravia advert

    Have a gander, you might just like it

  2. mine: honda - dreams advert

    the one with the sideburns balding guy (bit like me) singing along to andy williams while driving bikes, cars, boats and hot air balloon.#

    i can find it on google but i cant find it to download - any ideas?

    its bloody marvellous
  3. I like the honda advert where all the bits of a car fall in a domino effect and turn on the car at the end (i think), hang on, i think i have been drunk every time i have watched this, hence the sketchy discription, sorry.
    Still, bloody good ad though.
  4. Volkswagen Polo Has to be the Best
  5. got it for you, The "cog advert" as it was known, took over 600 takes to get it right.

    Honda cog advert

  6. Honda advert is great but I do laugh at the Mint card 1,the smart dumb balance thing
  7. Cheers mate i can now watch it sober for the first time.
  8. Except it was not an ad. Pish take.VW got very snotty about it.
  9. I need to get out more. This one for XBOX I thought was a corker.

    XBOX ad

  10. i loved this wee one from honda

    Change Something

    This website is good too because you can either watch it or sing along karaoke style.

    Cheers xox ;o)
  11. Been a while I see!
    Anyway - the new Money supermarket ad with Gary the security guard dancing at the demonstration.Brilliant
    and also annoying I will be humming "Big Bad Wolf" all day now.
  12. Holy fkin thread resurrection!
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  13. Well I didn't see the need to start a new thread!
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  14. This is one of my all time favourites